September 2, 2009 - Wednesday

Hot and sunny. Gorgeous day.

Got up this morning, checked for news that wasn't there. Sigh. I made the bed and then spent a few minutes on my computer. F came home from taking his dog to the vet and we decided where to go for brunch and to the post office for me.

I had to wait at the post office as there was someone in line before me, but finished reasonably quickly. We went for lunch. Our first choice was closed so we went to the Daiichi hotel and had a nice but salty meal. This area of Japan really likes salty food. Bleck.

We girded ourselves up for the bank next. Before we talked to anyone, I updated my passbook and finally, there was the money! Whew. Big whew! My school is small and I couldn't have afforded to lose that money. We didn't have to talk to anyone after all.

To celebrate, we went shopping! I needed a new thermometer for my school, but the 100 yen shop didn't have one I liked. They only had the liquid kind...NOT mercury, but still. We went to a hardware store and I got one with an easy to read dial, so pretty good. Yay. We went for coffee to a place that turned out to be pretty bad, but neither of us knew!

We did a lot of running around today and spending of F's money. I offered to pay, I really did. We got something else for my nephew, something to wrap all the presents in and then something for ourselves.

We went home for a bit and I worked up the latest ad for my school. We took it over to the Kokusai Mura and then Hub wanted to go to Book Off. While he surfed the books, I surfed the dvds. I found a couple of interesting ones, Memento and Invasion. The latter because someone I know has a "thang" for Nicole Kidman. (Hint: not me!) I got them, although I could have picked up quite a few more. They aren't all that cheap there though.

It was getting on in time and I was hungry so we decided to try the Thai restaurant again. We went over and they were open. F parked and we went upstairs. We had a really nice meal. It was mostly noodle dishes - pad thai was amazing, but also another noodle dish. We had chicken too. Yum.

F drove us to a grocery store where we picked up a few groceries for tomorrow. We'll have a big mixture-karage, chap chae, salad and maybe a few veggies from the freezer.

We came home and vegged. F watched the end of the baseball game and then I read the paper and realized that there were TWO good movies on. Gah. We turned over to NHK and caught the last hour of What's Eating Gilbert Grape? F didn't realize until the end of the movie that Leonardo DiCaprio was in it! He was pretty amazing in the film.

At 11 we snuggled on the couch to watch the repeat of American Idol. They're in the beginning bit where they are doing try-outs. Some people are so awful, it's hard to believe. Even worse than me. I finally did a bit more of my crochet. Maybe I'll finish after all.

Anyway, that's me for tonight. I'll catch you tomorrow. Night!


Rachel said...

Wow, you didn't know Leo was in Gilbert Grape?

I have one question. You often talk about finding or catching news, or not, what does that mean? Can't you just look up your favorite paper online or just switch over to CNN?

Helen said...

No, no, _I_ knew that Leo was in Gilbert Grape, it's just that my husband didn't recognize him at all.

I get a newspaper everyday, but I like to watch the news too. Some days NHK puts on the ABC news from the US and I like to watch it. It helps me stay out of bed! The Japanese news is so bad that i can't be bothered with it.