September 3, 2009 - Thursday

Mostly sunny and warm.

An okay day. First off I have to say that I just finished reading Breaking Dawn, the last in the Twilight series. At least, I hope it is. Stephenie Meyer's story ideas weren't bad, but they were badly written and soap opera-ish. Now, I've watched a good few soaps in my day, but I don't really like melodrama. Next Vampire story that I read will have to have some bite to it. (Couldn't resist. Will try harder next time!)

Got up at an okay time, but had a nap on the couch after that. Sigh. Did laundry and assorted other things around the house.

I watched two episodes of Season Two of Damages. I didn't even know that it was on, but my VCR is set up to tape the shows at that time and I discovered it. Nice going not to tell us NHK! Why every night? A bit of overkill I think. Actually, thinking of Damages, Rose Byrne from Damages reminds me of my feelings about the Twilight saga, pretty enough, but when you look closer there's nothing there. Oooh, good analogy? Maybe.

I went off to work today and got to the school around 5. My first class was at 5:50 so time was a bit tight and I was rushing around making sure everything was ready. Around 5:40 my student called to say that she really couldn't come, but would pop in for 10 minutes at the end of class. Free time. I read the paper and found her an article on a cat that plays the piano. My student is a cat lover. I gave my student the article and she was happy. It's her homework.

My second class went well today. One of the students had a nosebleed though, but I don't think it was too serious. We were learning "I'm hungry" and "I'm thirsty" except my students couldn't quite get the "rst" bit right. It came out like "I'm thirty" for a while, but we worked on it!

After they left, I got really busy. I had a cup of herb tea while I filed, counted, did paperwork and set up for tomorrow's class. I have a new student starting and I needed to get things ready. So much paperwork.

I called F finally, and he came to get me. We came straight home and after a couple of minutes, started making dinner. We both worked on it tonight. He made chap chae, I heated up the chicken, nuked the veggies and set the table. I also made coffee. Dinner was really nice and I think we both enjoyed it.

Afterwards we just relaxed for a while. I read a bit, and did computer stuff. No big thing.

That was my day. Tomorrow, I have a new afternoon class, so I'm a little nervous, but hoping things will go well. Wish me luck! Night.

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