September 7, 2009 - Monday

Hot and sunny. Too hot really.

Had an okay day today. I first woke up before 8 and closed the windows. I don't usually, but they were going to spray for bugs and I thought I should. There was baseball on then too, so I went back to sleep. When I got up again later there was golf on. Sigh. Why do I bother?

I had an okay day around the house today. I did some laundry. I printed a couple of certificates for my students then I also registered for the AFWJ convention in January. I'm not sure how I'm going to get there yet, but I'll figure it out later. I just wish it wasn't in January. In Hokkaido. I don't have fond memories of Hokkaido in January! I also popped out to the post office to send in my payment and then to do a conbini run!

F came home and it was nice to see him, except, he had a shower first and then went to bed. I was kind of upset with him. I'd asked yesterday if we could go to Bistro De Pointes tonight for our anniversary dinner. I thought he agreed, but I don't think he even remembered. We ended up going to Trenta for pasta. It was okay, but definitely nothing special. We're going to be travelling for our real anniversaries so I thought it would have been nice to go there tonight.

We bought some groceries at MaxValu. We decided to make dinner at home tomorrow night. I'm going to make my soup, I've been waiting for a while to make it, and F is going to make chichimi...sort of a Korean pancake/okonomiyaki thing. I'm thinking to put some cabbage rolls (just bought tonight) in the soup too. Hmm.

We came home and I washed a couple of other things that I forgot to wash earlier, then started putting the veggie leavings I've been freezing in my slow cooker. I'll cook them down overnight. They're in a cloth so I should have some decent stock in the morning. Crosses fingers.

Hub had asked me to sew a pair of pajamas of his, the waistband came undone, so I was going to settle in to do that, but he was watching some typical crap Japanese thing on the TV. I had no interest in watching it and said so. Next thing is he flounces off to the bedroom to watch it on his cellphone. Honestly. I told him that we should watch a movie or something, and he said that was okay. When he came out of the bedroom he whined something about how he was watching the news when I complained. Right buddy. Sure. Stupid Tarentos running around yelling is the news? Oh, forgot, I'm in Japan. It bloody well could have been! Anyway, I gave him a choice of 3 movies and he picked the one I knew he would, Invasion with Nicole Kidman. It was okay, but not great. In wake of the flu epidemic that's upon us, it was a bit thought provoking, but overall not a must see.

I sew his pajamas for him and then I went back to my poor, almost forgotten clapochet. I got it very close to the end. I don't think it's going to be perfect, surprisingly, this time is much harder than it was with the cheap 100 yen shop wool. Hopefully, I can finish the crocheting tomorrow night during American Idol.

Hub went off to bed after the movie, then I got on my computer. Yay.

Anyhoo, I have to get to bed now. I'll talk to you tomorrow. Night!

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Kelly said...

After watching TV in Japan the past 3 weeks I know why you watch a lot of videos, it's totally and utterly crap!!

We were considering buying other japanese channels but am now pretty happy with NHK, that's all we need. At least it doesn't have stupid models with big breasts giggling about stupid stuff on it. Ugg.

Yes, I imagine it will be pretty cold in january in hokkaido, minus 25 or something?
Why would they book the get together for then in that part of the country? Seems strange.