Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunny and warm, with strong winds.

I had a good day today and if I hadn't been sick it would have been a great day. I went out shopping with Michelle.

Van woke me up early and I showered and had breakfast. Then we waited for Michelle to come.

Michelle and I went to quite a few places in Edmonton and both spent quite a bit of money. However, I don't think that I really overspent. I'm quite happy with the things I got. We had lunch at Earls. We both had salads which were very good. I couldn't smell mine very well, but it seemed nice!

She brought me home after coffee and then I had dinner with Van's family. We had chicken with cheese and ham in it. Van had made it and it was quite good.

In the evening I relaxed a bit and have decided to get to bed fairly early tonight as I'm rather tired. My plan is to take a cold pill and get some sleep. Tomorrow is my last day here. It's gone so fast, I can hardly believe it.


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