October 12, 2009 - Monday

Sunny and warm.

Today was better. Things were decidedly frosty in the morning, then they became better.

We had lunch at the Daiichi Hotel and then came home. F. wanted to go fishing, so we got ready. We went out to one of the ports and got ready. F did all the fiddly bits like setting up the hooks, but after that I took over my rod. He caught the first fish, quite a big one. It was a flat fish. I caught an aji and then F caught a tiny sea bream. It got dark after that so we gave up.

We came home to clean up and then went out for sushi! More fish.

After dinner we went to a restaurant/frozen food store but we only had 8 minutes before they closed. We didn't need anything, so I'm not sure why we went.

We came home and spent a quiet evening in after that. We watched Grey's Anatomy and then Private Practice. I'm now up late blogging and watching a tacky (but sort of funny) rom-com.

I'll be off to bed soon. Today was better than yesterday.

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