October 14, 2009 - Wednesday

Sunny and warmish.

How did it get to be so late? I didn't think I'd be attempting to blog so late in the day.

I had a pretty good day really. I got up, watched news (yay) and then spent quality time with my computer. After that, I did usual things. I did do something different though. I went out for a few minutes to the new bakery that's opened up a little ways away. It was nice, and they had some lovely food. The only problem is that I could get myself into severe trouble if I go there very often!

I also finally sent off some books tonight after work to the person that loaned them to me. Hurray for that. I wrapped them up before work and then got F to bring them with him when he came to get me.

And work was another thing. I usually don't have a class on Wednesdays, but I do this month. The Friday student can't come this month on Fridays, so he's coming on Wednesdays. I hope it's not permanent. However, his lesson went well today. We finished up a test from the old book and started the new one. It went better than I expected.

F didn't cook tonight, so we went out for dinner. We went to Fireball where we had some lovely pasta. I'm always really impressed by their sauces. F didn't like mine as much as I did, but that's okay.

We came home and I watched the end of Prime Suspect and then we tuned in to the AI re-run. I started my cowl again, and I think it went better. I hope I can keep this one going.

Anyway, that's it. I'm up way way too late and I do have a class tomorrow so need to get some sleep. Wish me luck! Night.

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