October 17, 2009 - Saturday

Sunny and warm all day, surprising rain storm at night.

Today was a good day. I got up this morning, made my bed and showered. I could have a bit of a lazy morning so F made us some coffee and fed me persimmons. Yum.

We had breakfast in a restaurant near city hall and then went for coffee to the International Center. Finally, just before 2 pm, I was dropped off at my school.

I had a good day at school. My classes went quite well and I was able to read most of the newspapers I had hoped to read. Yay. I called F around 8 and he came to get me.

We decided on a restaurant and were on the way there, when I suggested a closer place, our okonomiyaki place. We went there for a quick and cheap dinner. It was good. We had my fave, curry cheese and also a shrimp one. We left a little after 9 pm.

We came home and after a few minutes I decided I was going to do some baking. I still had two gorgeous apples that were actually delicious, plus some soon-to-expire pastry in the freezer. I made a kind of apple filling from the apples, sugar, some butter, lemon juice, and a few frozen strawberries that I had in the freezer. I didn't put in a lot of sugar and the strawberries were quite tart, so it was really nice. In fact, it almost could have been apple and rhubarb pie. I threw the ingredients in the frypan and cooked them, then got the pastry ready. I put everything together but had oodles of pie filling left, so we had that separately. I asked hubby to make coffee and when everything was done, we had apple-strawberry pie with coffee. Yummy! We were watching Danny the Dog at the same time. One of my silly violent movies.

My lovely pies

After 1 I watched House and enjoyed it. After that, I turned the telly over to F who is now watching F1 racing. It's not my favourite, but it isn't as annoying as some of his sports.

That was my day. It really was quite good. I'm off to bed now. Good night everyone!


medea said...

Those pies are lovely. Hope they were as yummy as they look.

Helen said...

They were! I didn't use a lot of sugar and the strawberries were quite tart so it made a nice combo. They disappeared fast :-)

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