October 3, 2009 - Saturday

Cloudy with a bit of rain. Humid.

I had an okay day today. I got up rather early. F had gone to see his doctor. I haven't written about his condition lately. When he met me at the airport on Thursday, he was walking like a 90 year old hunchback. His lower back is giving him grief right now and he's in a lot of pain. I've written about helping him put socks on...I had to do it today too. The two of us are a pair. He can't walk and I can't swallow or chew well!

Anyway, after he went to the doctor to get a pain shot (which didn't help) he took me to the doctor. We went to a GP. I got a bag full of medicine so hopefully it'll do me some good. My throat feels a lot narrower than usual and swallowing is very painful. My ears aren't as painful as they were yesterday, although they feel "full" of something.

We had a Japanese lunch - soba. We tried a couple of other places, but they were either closed or busy so we went to his favourite soba restaurant. The soba is very good there, but it took me a really long time to finish mine.

F took me to Yamaya where we stocked up on a few goodies. We got two kinds of decaf coffee so we'll see which one we like better. I also got a few frozen things so we had to come home straight afterwards.

At home I putzed around on my computer for a while. I uploaded my pictures from my vacation to Facebook, barring the ones of my sister's family. It took ages as Facebook wasn't co-operating, but in the end I got it done. They look fairly decent too.

We had a cheap and cheerful dinner at Gusto, then came home. I'm actually planning to go to bed now, I feel quite horrible and I didn't sleep that well last night.

Depending on how I feel tomorrow you may or may not hear from me then. I'm tired and I'd really like to get some sleep. Got to go. Night night!

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