October 30, 2009 - Friday

Sunny in the daytime, then rainy in the afternoon, clearing at night.

Today was a good day. I got up this morning and found that there wasn't any news on again. Sigh. I took my shower fairly early and then watched a bit of TV.

I had an interesting brunch today. I reheated the stirfry from Wednesday, then added a couple of eggs to it. It was nice, sort of a Western Denver omelette crossed with okonomiyaki!

I got to the school in goodly time and did my set up. My student was a couple of minutes late today so I was afraid that she wasn't going to come. However, she did. She had done her homework this week and some additional studying and our lesson went much, much better! She noticed it herself, which I think is a really important thing. I can say it till I'm blue in the face, but if the student doesn't make that connection it doesn't have much meaning.

After class I did my check for tomorrow and then heard something I didn't like. Rain. Lots of rain. Lots and lots of rain. I decided to just stay in the school for a bit. A bit became a while and before I knew it, it was 6:00pm! I sent F a message asking if he was done and he called me a few minutes later. He picked me up.

We came home briefly, then made a quick trip to the mall. After the mall, we discussed dinner. F wanted to go to Sakata and have either steak or Indian food. We were going to go, but then I suggested trying the new Thai restaurant. We went there instead. F wanted to order a combo dinner, but honestly, it had Tom Yan Kun soup and rice in it, neither of which I like, so I suggested something else. I wanted some noodles, so ordered them, and F wanted some squid, pork and an omelette. I liked the pork and the omelette, but the squid was not something I liked. It had an odd taste. The noodles were great though, and I would definitely order them again.

We came home and watched Jerry Maguire. I haven't seen it in ages. Then, we just started watching Death Race. I know, it's a dumb action flick. However, it has a yummy guy in the driver's seat. Yes, it's Jason Statham. Yay!

That's it for me. Tomorrow I have a full day at work and lots to do. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to wipe the drool off my keyboard. Night!

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