October 9, 2009 - Friday

Cloudy and a little rainy.

We passed the night without incident, thankfully. It seems like the typhoon went in another direction. Whew.

I got up later today than I have in a few days. I was a bit surprised, but still, I was up before my alarm went off. I watched the news, which was a nice treat. Also The Brothers Grimm and Stardust were on the telly, so I had a fantasy filled afternoon!

I had an early day today, so I toddled off to work around 2. I got there, checked my set up and did a few other things around the school. My student and I had an okay class. I think she'd forgotten some of the things we'd studied. Sigh.

In my long break, I went out. I rode to 7-11 to get a sandwich, then the drugstore to get some things. I followed that with a trip to the craft store to get more wool. I'm going to frog my hoodie and start again, with the wool doubled. That's the plan.

I got back to the school and then had my food break. I read more of my AFWJ journal today too. It's very good this month. Lots of interesting articles.

My last class went well today too. We finished our textbook--hurray for that. The student behaved quite nicely today too. However, for at least the next three weeks, he'll be coming on Wednesday nights instead of Fridays. There goes my day off in the middle of the week. Wah! And I'm just starting to need a haircut too. Sigh.

I got Fumihiko to pick me up after work and we went to a Japanese style restaurant. I had a fried vegetables teishoku, but I gave F the rice that came with it. He had ramen. After dinner, we bought milk since I had spilled ours all over the kitchen table this morning. At least I didn't cry about it.

We came home and had a very quiet evening. Hubby is off sleeping. He's not doing that well. His lower back is causing problems now.

Anyway, it's late, I'm tired, and I have a busy day tomorrow. Wish me luck! Night.

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