November 1, 2009 - Sunday

Dark and rainy all day. Miserable really.

Went to bed late last night, didn't get up early. Deary me. Well, honestly, F was in the living room watching TV with the headphones on (sweet of him) and no lights on. It felt like the middle of the night as it was so dark, I slept on.

When I did finally rouse myself hubby was eating ramen, but offered to take me out for something to eat right away. Didn't know where he'd put extra food, but he wasn't concerned. He told me that he'd like to go to a place near Mt. Haguro and have Ghengis Khan. Okay. I thought the place would be closed in all honesty and asked if we could stop somewhere to get me a sandwich or something to tide me over until we got there. We went to the grocery store. I got a couple of sandwiches and then he proceeded to go walkabout the store. I.Hate.That. He was looking for junk food. Finally I told him that he didn't need any junk food and we should go right away. Honestly. He just ate ramen, tofu, was on his way for lamb and he wanted junk food too? We did get some stringy cheese though. It's junk food, but may have some nutritional least that's my theory.

We drove in the rain along some pretty scary mountain roads and found the Ghengis Khan place. Surprisingly they were open, although we were the only customers. We had the Ghengis Khan and it was okay. I couldn't finish mine to be honest. I have to be in the right mood for lamb, and I wasn't really.

We drove back Tsuruoka and F suggested going to the Mikawa Mall. It was okay by me except I hadn't really made any shopping plans. Oh well. We got there, parked and dashed into the mall. We did a bit of "window shopping" but didn't buy anything. The people I have to buy for are at awkward sizes so I'm not sure that things will fit, or be appropriate. After all, something that works in Japanese winters doesn't always work for Canadian ones. The snow here is much wetter than it is in Edmonton and the temperature here doesn't go as low.

We left the mall, but bought some bread on the way home. Mmmm. F had a really daft moment when we left the mall. He forgot where the car was, and went off in the wrong direction. I thought I knew where it was, but was one row off. Still, I got to it before he did!

We came home for a bit and then vegged for a while. Later, we decided to go out for dinner to Grado. We haven't been there in a while. When we got there, the waitress told us that our favourite dish from last year was back. Hurray. It's a ikura/salmon/shrimp fettucine dish. It was so good. We both had it tonight and it was good, but something wasn't the same. I think the white sauce this year wasn't as yummy. Still, it was nice anyway. They have the Disney Channel on in the restaurant with no sound and I was a little surprised to see that Kato Kaelin (of the OJ trial fame) was on an episode of Sabrina, The Teenage Witch. Long time since I've even thought about him!

The hubster and I came home and watched an episode of Heroes that had been on telly tonight. I made us some tea, which was a nice treat. It was something I picked up on my last trip to Canada but never used.

He went to bed a while ago and really I should be there too, but am here instead. Tomorrow I'm fact, Tuesday I'm off too as it's a holiday here. I'm thrilled because _I_ get a long weekend for a change. With Mondays being the default day for Japanese holidays I only ever seem to get 2 days off, but this week, I'm getting 3. Yay for me.

That's it for me. If the weather's nice I hope to go out and do something, if not, laundry is calling. Or should! Got to go. Night!


Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Halloween Helen!!!!

Helen said...

Thank you! You too!