November 10, 2009 - Tuesday

Sunny and warmish.

An okay day. I got up early and watched news. Hurray! After it finished I watched the morning's ER. During the show, I got a box from Canada. It was the box of stuff that didn't fit in my suitcase when I came back to Japan! I packed a lot of used clothing in the box so that I could avoid getting dinged for duty.

I went off to work and when I was there had fun trying to do about 10 things at once. I made cards for my class, prepared a receipt for my student, changed and then changed again, and did all that I could to get ready. I was ready in time for my student. We had a good class and she left just after 4 pm.

For the next couple of hours I did photocopying and also did up my finances at the school. The hubster needs the info for his office. He called me when he came home and then came and picked me up.

We had dinner at Kien, a little restaurant that serves pasta and ramen. I had gratin with chicken. It was okay. Sort of something that you'd make yourself, but not quite as good.

We bought a few groceries and I got a bit upset with the hubster. I suggested that he make nabe tomorrow, but he said that he wasn't going to make it again. I had told him that I didn't like the soup base that he uses. I told him that a couple of weeks ago. I suggested that we get a bought soupbase that a friend had recommended, but he wasn't interested. Okay, fine. So we'll have pre-made hamburgers, spaghetti squash and salad. Don't much care if he doesn't like it!

We came home and I worked on my computer for a bit, then put on a movie I'd taped this weekend. It was "Don't Mess with the Zohan" which was pretty dumb, but honestly, just what I needed to see. F liked it too. It was okay, with a few yucks. Not so good for kids though.

We finished up the evening with American Idol. It was good tonight. It was the Motown night. I worked on my crochet as well. I have about 3 rows left on it.

Anyway, that's about it for me. I'm tired and it's late. I have to end this. I'll be back tomorrow night if all goes well. Night!


Rachel said...

Oh I LOVE getting those excess baggage packages from home! Half the time I've forgotten what it was that I so urgently, desperately needed to buy, so it's always a nice surprise to open it!

Helen said...

Actually, in my case, I packed mostly my old clothes so that I wouldn't get dinged by customs! I have a few new things, but most things are old!

Still, I do have some tea which I'm looking forward to.

Thanks for visiting :-)