November 14, 2009 - Saturday

Rainy and cold most of the day.

This morning I was snoozing in bed, waiting for inspiration to get up, when the phone rang. I answered it and it was my first student of the day's mother. She was calling to let me know that her daughter had a cold and wouldn't be coming. I was really surprised and a little delighted that she spoke English to me. She doesn't really speak English, so must have either asked her daughter how to tell me the news, or she picked up some English from our classes. She waits outside the classroom while her daughter studies.

Because my early class wasn't coming, I could have a relaxing morning. My nose started running again, just like last week, so I took a cold pill. It made me quite sleepy right away, so at 11 am I went to bed. I set an alarm, but also told F that if I didn't get up before 12 he should wake me up. I woke up, but got a snuggly visitor, so ended up staying in bed for 10 more minutes. Finally we got up and then went out for lunch.

We had a nice if small lunch at the Grand Elson. We had grilled chicken, but I have to say it was the smallest piece of chicken I'd ever seen. The things that went with it were very nice though. Salad, appetizers, soup and bread. Yum. F drove me to my school and then I wen tin the school and got busy.

Classes today went quite well. I think the two students that I taught both enjoyed their lessons. They are both in the same textbook, just in different parts.

After a while, when everything was done, I called my hubby and he came to get me. Then, he wanted to pick the restaurant, which is fine. He suggested a couple of izakaya which was also fine. The problem was they were both busy. So, he suggested the soba restaurant that we usually go to. I really didn't want to go there. I'm having trouble with my stomach and I didn't want to have greasy tempura. I didn't tell him I didn't want to go because I thought the restaurant would be closed already. It wasn't. We went in and looked at the menu. I finally told him I really didn't want to be there and he got a bit mad at me. I guess I can understand, but I was just hoping that it would be closed. I had some soba and sushi, and he had something similiar. It was okay, but not great.

We came home via the grocery store afterwards. I didn't buy anything except some eggs. F got lots of junk food. I don't know where he puts it all.

I watched tonight's episode of The Sarah Connor Chronicles and then F put on Ugly Betty after a while. Really it's been a quiet evening at home. It's been nice.

I'm not sure what I'll do tomorrow. I'm hoping to go to and book myself on a couple of planes in January. I'm going to Sapporo for convention. It should be fun. The convention I mean, not the plane booking. F. tends to annoy me more than help me when I have to do something like that.

Gotta go. I can maybe read some of my book soon. Night!

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