November 2, 2009 - Monday

Rainy and cold all day.

I was surprised when I found myself awake and out of bed at a reasonable time today. I didn't go to bed at a reasonable time last night. Still, good for me! I stayed up too.

I had planned to go out, but by the time I was mentally ready, the rain had started and I just decided to stay home. Sigh. I had just wanted to go for a coffee or something anyway, nothing too important.

F came home a bit after 6 and we talked about dinner. He suggested yakiniku, so I countered with the Japanese restaurant that he likes and I usually don't. He liked that idea so we went there. I had fish and he had pork, which is a little funny as we usually have the reverse of that. I even ate most of my rice today too. I don't usually like rice, but this was the kind with other grains in it, so it actually had some taste to it.

After dinner F asked me if I wanted to go to karaoke. The truth of the matter is that I had been hoping he'd ask and had brought along my glasses. We went to grab a few munchies and then went to our usual place. They weren't busy, so we got in right away. I sang a lot of songs, I even tried Paradise by the Dashboard Light. That one is a bit tough because it's technically a duet. I did a bunch of other things too. Some were successful, others weren't. I did okay on "Falling Slowly", aced "I Don't Know You Anymore" and garbled my way through "One Week". Still, I've been working on that one for a while!

It was after 11:30 before we left the karaoke box. It wasn't raining anymore, but it was quite cold. We came home and I jumped on my, let me rephrase that. I opened up my computer and started using it, F had some adult beverages. He's off asleep in bed now. I'll hie me thither soon.

Tomorrow is a holiday and as yet we have no plans. I hope we keep things light and easy. I'm not in the mood for something elaborate or structured! Gotta go. Night!

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Kelly said...

Paradise by the dashboard light, is that meatloaf? :) And you did a duet...that's a lot of singing! :)