November 29, 2009 - Sunday

Clear but a bit cool.

We went to bed dreadfully late last night, but it was Saturday night after all. This morning F got up much earlier than me, but I did get up in the morning! I wanted to go to the big mall and get my tickets finally, plus we hoped to see a movie today. Hurray.

After a bit, we went out for lunch. F chose the Grand Elson so we went there. It was a little difficult to park there as the parking lot was full. Apparently they had a piano Christmas concert going on. We weren't going to that, but had to leave our car keys with the staff. We had a lovely lunch. It was local pork with kabocha soup, salad and appetizers, plus dessert. The desserts were made from persimmons. All very pretty, and rather delicious.

After lunch we drove out to the mall. We picked up my air tickets and booked my bus tickets as well. I paid for the air tickets and then we did a little more Christmas shopping. I hope I have bought the last couple of presents today, but we'll see. We dropped the presents off at the car and then went up to the theater. Where F promptly discovered that he didn't have enough money for the show. He ran off to the ATM and I waited for him. He lined up for tickets, I lined up for popcorn. Of course, I managed to find the slowest clerk! Don't know how I do it. We had a little spat when my hubby came over and tried to present me with a dollar off coupon for drinks. Very nice, but I was buying a combo and I have no idea if they'd take the coupon for a combo, since you're already saving money. He said he'd buy the drink then saw my face and walked off in a huff. I buy the popcorn and drinks...that's how we do it. He gets the tickets, I get the munchies. However, he didn't stay mad.

We went to see 2012 and I quite enjoyed it. It would have been better if my husband hadn't fallen asleep on it (he swears he didn't, but rhythmic breathing and closed eyes say "sleep" to me). I was happy that for a disaster movie, they actually acknowledged that Canada exists. Maybe they had to, since part of the film was shot in Kamloops! The whole thing's a little silly, but fun. Things went boom very well!

After the movie we had a coffee and a doughnut in Mr Donuts, bought some bread and then came back to Tsuruoka.

F was needing a ramen fix, so we went to Kien, a restaurant that serves ramen, curry and pasta. He had ramen which he didn't like much (big surprise there) and I had curry gratin, which I did like.

We came home and as I wanted to tape The Pineapple Express rather than make my drug phobic husband watch it with me, we watched one of his new DVDs, Stand by Me. I loved it, he fell asleep. Sigh. He said he'd seen the other version of it before, but I have no idea what that means. He promises to rewatch it again when he's not so tired.

And that was my day. I did a lot, but now I should really get myself off to bed. I'm quite tired myself. Catch you tomorrow? Night.


Sherry said...

Canada? Never heard of it. Lol! I was kind of dissappointed in pineapple express. Not bad but not as good as I thought it would be.

Helen said...

I have to say that I agree with you Sherry, now that I've seen Pineapple Express. It wasn't funny enough and was so much dumber than I thought it would be considering the cast and director.

Didn't enjoy it much, just watched it because of James Franco!