November 3, 2009 - Tuesday

Cold, rainy with sleet and hail.

Well, today was my "long weekend" day and it wasn't too bad. Unfortunately it didn't start that well. I woke up and discovered that my cellphone alarm didn't ring this must know that it was a national holiday and treated it like a weekend. Sigh. When I peeked into the living room, F was lying on the couch watching something with the headphones on. I got up a bit later and discovered that he had been watching ER, the one that I usually watch in the am. Sigh. I was a bit ticked with him, both for just lying around in the dark and for not thinking that I would want to watch ER too. I didn't even get to check if the news was on.

He stormed out and didn't come back for a few hours. Then when he did, he headed to bed for a while. After a bit I went in to see how he was. I offered to make brunch for us, so I magicked up some French toast. Since we'd bought lovely whole wheat bread on the weekend, we had some nice bread to make it with. After I finished, I sweated a bit of persimmon in the frypan and it made a lovely syrupy/jammy sort of liquid. It was nice on the toast too. F wanted to know how much sugar I had added to the fruit, but the truth was I hadn't added any!

After a bit, we went out shopping. I asked that we go to the local import foods store. I needed some real mayonaise, and while we were there we picked up more decaf coffee and some pasta sauce. We also hit up the hundred yen shop as well. It was for myself for a change. We drove to Doutors in S-Mall as well and had coffee. After that, we came home for a bit.

At home we watched a couple of episodes of Tru Calling. It was really nice to see it again. I quite like the show. I did a bit of crocheting while I was watching too.

We had dinner at Jiro tonight. It was nice. I had a combo meal, a small hamburg, small shrimp and a smallish ham gratin with salad and coffee. F had a more Japanese type meal. We came home via the grocery store to get some things for tomorrow's dinner. Sad thing is, I'll have to make a run out again in the morning I think. If I get myself motivated that is!

We're just kicking back at home now. The American Idol reruns start in a couple of minutes and then I know hubby will go to bed. I could actually get an early evening too if I want, now that I've blogged so early. Yeah, right. Bet that happens. Not.

Talk to y'all later! Night.

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Kelly said...

Sounds like you're enjoying yourself :) It's nice to have a few days break.