December 10, 2009 - Thursday

Clear and sunny, cool.

Today was a nice day. I got up this morning, watched the news over some coffee and then had a relaxing morning. It was very relaxing. I was still in my pajamas around noon!

In the afternoon I showered, did some work on my computer and even went out to the post office to mail a few more Christmas cards. I bought my nengajo for this year and they're pink. Too cool. I hope they still look cool with tigers on them.

I rode off to work around 4:50 and on my way heard my cell phone ring. I stopped, but wasn't able to answer. My student was cancelling. Sigh. Still, I was on my way, and I still had another lesson, so I trundled off to work. At the school I cleaned, prepped, checked and read Sunday's paper. Yay. I also got a good start on the Sunday puzzle.

My student came, we had a good class, today we talked about collocations, but she did quite well. I gave her some homework because I'm a mean old teacher. After her class, I finished up the puzzle, did my paperwork and my dishes, then called F. He picked me up and we came home.

We made dinner at home tonight. I fried some chicken, and F made miso soup. We had a salad with it as well. It was really nice. His soup was good, my chicken was nice and so was the salad. I did most of the dishes, but F finished up for me.

This evening I watched ER and did a bit more computer work for my school. I made a certificate for a student who is finishing tomorrow.

And that's about it. F is going to be home for the next 4 days as he has both Friday and Monday off work. I'm not sure that I can survive it, but I'll try. I work both Friday and Saturday, and he has a party on Saturday night, so hopefully I'll get the space I need. Night.

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