December 15, 2009 - Tuesday

Snow and more snow. Yuck!

A busy day. I got up in time to watch the news this morning. I enjoyed it, except the part where Charlie said this was his last week. Sigh. I like Diane Sawyer, I just don't know if she'll have the cheer-me-up ability that Charlie has. She is an excellent reporter, I just don't know if I'll be able to get out of bed for her!

Anyway...this morning I had to get ready for work and of course I had to get dinner ready. I searched through one of my slow cooker cookbooks and finally decided to make a version of Chicken with Creamy Horseradish sauce. I don't have horseradish so decided to substitute wasabi for it. I broke away from the recipe, in that I cooked the veggies in the bottom of the slow cooker too. I prepped it all up and then had lunch and went to work.

I walked to work today. It wasn't that bad, except I couldn't get in a rhythm and was definitely going too fast for my own good. When I got to my school I had to go in and grab my snow scoop, then clear my parking spot. It took a while, as the snow was quite deep. I went in and had only 25 minute to prepare for my lesson! It was ready of course, but I still had to change and set up the hot water. I made it, just. I had just put my hair dryer away when she rang the door. She was a few minutes early so she asked if it was okay to come in. How nice! I said it was, if she came in slowly!

We had a good lesson and so did my other students I think. We are all a bit dazed with the weather. After my classes I just didn't want to move. I had shoveled snow 3 times today, plus walked to work. My body hurt and I just didn't want to think about moving! I thought F might be working late because he hadn't phoned. I did the dishes, cleaned up, set up for Wednesday's class, and hubby called me!

He came to get me and we made a quick run to the grocery store, then another run to the restaurant for my party. We had to book the food and finalize the menu. Then, we came home. F had to do some snow-shovelling, so I came inside and got dinner underway. It took a bit of time, but not too long. The original recipe called for melting cream cheese in the crock, but the last time I did this recipe, it didn't really work. Today, I zapped it in the microwave. Ha ha! It worked. I added more wasabi and then some cream and finally a thickener. I served it up on the plates. F was really tired and he didn't feel like moving or eating really. However, he did eat his helping and said he liked it. The sauce is really nice. It's very creamy. I can't really taste the wasabi though. I wish I could. Even though F said he'd do the dishes, I gave him a pass because he was just too tired.

We watched American Idol again and it was great. I enjoyed it very much. For the end of the second episode I joined F on the couch. He was gamely hanging in there. After the show finished, he bathed and went to bed. I stuck into my email and got it read. It takes so long sometimes.

And that was my day, except, I get the day off tomorrow. Big surprise. I came home and found a fax saying that my student was sick. Poor kid. I won't see him again until the New Year. It does give me a day off which is a nice treat. I might go out. I have a Christmas present that won't buy itself!

Gotta go. Night!


so Spiffy April Marie Girl Japan said...

You have snow..... I hear it might snow near us this Friday/Sat as well... here is to hoping it will.

I hope it does not ruin our travel plans...

Helen said...

We have too much snow! I'd be willing to send you some of ours if you like. No charge:-) It hasn't stopped since Monday. ACK.

I hope you can still travel. Good luck and bon voyage!