December 2, 2009 - Wednesday

Rainy in the afternoon, clearing at night.

A mostly good day. I got up on time, watched the news and Hotel Babylon, got things ready for dinner tonight and then went to work. I stopped at a drugstore on the way to buy myself a few necessities. I arrived at my school and immediately got a call from my husband offering to drive me to my school. He had just finished work. It was sweet of him, but I was already there.

My class today went well, but the student is having reading problems. I will probably have to do some work on that with him. Of course, maybe he just needs to wear his glasses?

F picked me up after school and we bought a few groceries for me for tomorrow. After that, we went home and after a brief email check I started dinner. Tonight I made the nabe! I had completely forgotten that I had bought a cheese nabe soup, rather than the curry one I thought I had! I was a bit nervous as it had been a long time since I made nabe, but it turned out very well. The soup was delicious. We had chicken and veggies, plus tofu and it was great. I think I'll be making it again.

F did the dishes and then we settled in to watch American Idol again. Tonight was the repeat of the Brat Pack show. I love that era of music*, so really enjoyed it. Everyone did very well, but I especially liked Kris and Alison's performances.

That was about it. F went off to bed a while ago and I did the prep for the morning. I set up the coffee and put something out for his breakfast if he wants it. I also prepped the garbage for hubby to take out in the morning.

That's it for me folks! I have to get some sleep now. Night.

*Except for some reason I just can't stand Frank Sinatra. I'm a Dean Martin woman all the way.

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