(Don't) Let It Snow!

These were views outside our apartment building around 4 pm tonight. It has snowed almost non-stop since Monday. I shoveled snow for an hour tonight to help my hubby park when he comes home tonight. He's stuck in traffic near our apartment.

I'm hoping for a freak heatwave for Christmas.

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Vicky said...

That is ridiculous! Would you believe it that we have had no snow yet this year (or only a few cms that have long gone.) It was -7 this morning when we went to school though.

The snow line is about twenty minutes up the road. I am not sure why we have so little this year but I am not complaining.

I send condolences on the snow shovelling.....!

Helen said...

Would you like me to takkyubin some to you? I'll even pay for the sending! We don't have any places to put the stuff!

Thanks for visiting :-)