February 11, 2010

Thursday - Bit of snow in the morning, which turned into more snow later on. Gah.

Today was a good day. I got up 5 minutes after the news started, but did manage to see most of it. After that, F and I vegged for a bit. I found Fame (the original movie) on WOWOW so we watched that. It holds up quite well really.

We went for lunch to the Washington Hotel. They didn't have a lot for me, so I just had pasta, but F had their daily special. It's very cheap to have lunch there and it's usually okay, so it made a nice treat. We enjoyed it. Afterwards though I wasn't so happy leaving as the parkade has one of those corkscrew exits. I always get a bit, not queasy exactly, just freaked out by it. It doesn't help that F tends to go really fast and then slam on the brakes in places either.

When we finished lunch, F got some gas for the car, and some money. We hit up a grocery store for some snacks and then went to karaoke. We didn't get free time today, we went for two hours. It was a lot of fun. I found out that there'll be an Adam Lambert song there after the 14th. We were too early! Still, I managed to find a lot of songs to sing! I tried to do a Lady Gaga song, but it was too hard and I stopped it.

We came home after karaoke and F worked on my taxes again. I felt sorry for him, but it was his idea. While he was working, he subjected me to some of the worst J crap on TV that I've seen in a while. Sigh.

We had a late dinner at Grado. It was nice though. I had chicken and pork, F had pasta, the ikura-salmon-shrimp one that I like. If I hadn't had pasta for lunch I probably would have had it too. It had snowed quite a bit when we first left our apartment, and after our meal F had to clean off the car again.

It was a quiet evening in our apartment after that. We watched ER at 11. It was a good one with some characters being held hostage in an ER room.

After that, F went to bed and I played the internet! It is terribly late right now, but I don't have to work tomorrow so I'm goofing off. I shouldn't , but then again, why shouldn't I?


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