February 15, 2010

Monday - Rainy and a bit warmer, then cold at night.

Today was a busy day. I got up a bit after 9, took a shower and had some coffee with F. Then we went out. We decided to have a cheap and cheerful breakfast at Tsukyia, the gyudon shop. It wasn't bad. Then, we headed into the mall to see about my taxes. (Cue ominous music)

At the mall, there wasn't a big line this year, so we only had to wait a few minutes. When we got to the front, F asked the man a few questions, then we were directed to the other side of the lobby. The man stamped a couple of my forms, took some, and that was that! I didn't even have to pay anything this year. I had more deductions than last year, so I'm happy. Yay.

The next thing we tried to do was go to the travel agency by the train station. I took my notebook with me as it had possible train times on it that I wanted to take to Niigata. The thing was, originally I had planned to go down on Sunday morning, so I had written a train at 7:04 or something. However, I realized that I was not happy about going to Niigata that early and wanted to go the night before. Because my credit card isn't based in Japan I didn't want to use it to reserve a room, but I'd have to prepay the room as I won't be arriving in Niigata until quite late. Get all that? So, we booked a hotel. Then, we checked the day that the man had booked it for. The wrong night. Sigh. I already have a hotel for Sunday night. I needed a hotel for Saturday night. Okay, fixed that. Then, discovered that my husband had blithely put the Sunday leaving time on the ticket to Niigata, forgetting that I was now going to leave on Saturday, after a day of work. ACK. Can you feel my frustration? If he'd just listened to me before he wrote anything, or even better, ASKED me I would have told him. Anyway, we got it all sorted out. Why didn't I just do it by myself? I don't know really.

We came home for a bit and vegged, then headed out again to the dentist. During breakfast this morning my tooth had started hurting again, and I was a bit worried about what the dentist would say. Sure enough, he wanted me to get my wisdom tooth out, he thinks that will help it. I finally decided okay, I'll do it. Then, he tells me and hubby that as it's a difficult tooth he thinks I should see a dental surgeon in the hospital about it. Great. Just what I needed. We'll have to get a letter from the dentist to take there, and of course, F will have to take time off work to go with me. (And maybe me too.)

After my treatment and stuff, F suggested having dinner. I countered with getting a sandwich and coffee. He wanted noodles again, but I said no way. We compromised by going to a grocery store and I got a gorgeous sandwich, he bought stuff to make himself udon. We came home and ate, watched Olympics for a while (Canada finally got a gold medal! WOOT!) and then went out for sushi later.

At home again he watched a bunch of weird stuff, but I took over the telly at 11 and watched my weird stuff --Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice.

That's about it for me for tonight. Tomorrow I'm back to work. I have a semi busy day...3 classes and depending on tomorrow's weather I may have to shovel snow or walk. I'm not sure, but I'm really hoping not. Got to go! Night!


Anonymous said...

Oh Helen. try not to worry too much about getting your wisdom out but I do want to recommend going with someone you like and someone that is aware to those who HATE dentists.

FOR years.. my mother and myself would take valium to relax us.. of course, sadly, the dentist only gave us one or two pills...lol

I had one cut out by a surgeon, just local, he was done in 5 minutes, stitches and all.

The other two, it was hurting something awful, he was called in after hours... he gave me local as well and pulled the first one, but said the other one needs to come out, best you let me do it now or you won't do it later.. so BAM. he took the second one.

The assistant was nice, my ex-husband was rubbing my legs/knee and my back was wet from being nervous, but it didn't hurt...

I think the key is finding someone you are comfy with, someone you can trust.

My husband had a root canal and he searched reviews, etc online (he is a bigger baby than I am).

But he has trouble getting num though, when I get novicane... usually my nose gets numb even..

The only thing I HATED in my life was I had a root canal once, when I was poor college student, living away from home.. no insurance.. I couldn't afford to get caps over a tooth.. so it ended up getting abscessed .. and needed a root canal.. I had to go back MANY times but he was SO kind, so gentle.. and he would this huge scope and light because my tooth was so small.. but he did a terrific job.

I think I had to go back a few times because he would clean the roots with those little instruments.. and was more or less taking care of me because I'm a BIG baby.. again.. I loved Valium..

Helen said...

Thanks Girl Japan!

The dentist I see now has already removed one of my wisdom teeth...and it was fine. Really painless. The problem with this particular tooth is that it is still under the gum and is sideways. He took an x-ray yesterday and said that it'll be difficult to take out because of the way the roots of the tooth are.

I had been told years ago in Canada that I'd need to see an oral surgeon for the job, but this guy has been bugging me for years to get my wisdom teeth out.

At the moment all we have to do is make an appointment to see the surgeon at the hospital. Hopefully it won't be too difficult of a job. Fingers crossed.

I'm not thinking of going until middle to end of March at the earliest though. Too busy until then!

Thanks for your advice ....I appreciate it!

Sherry said...

Sorry to hear about the travel arrangement troubles with the hubs. They never listen do they? NEVER.

Also very sorry to hear about the teeth trouble. I luckily, to date, have never had wisdom teeth trouble. I, as one charmer of a dentist once told me, "have a really big mouth, enough room for a whole second set of wisdom teeth!" What a shocker, huh?

Helen said...

Lovely dentist! What a dork.

I don't understand why hubby just didn't ask me before he told the guy what I wanted. I had told him everything 2 minutes before, he just loses everything in his head.

Thanks for visiting Sherry.