February 22, 2010

Monday Clear and sunny, then rain and thunderstorms at night.

Today was a nice day. I overslept because I was up too late again. However, I didn't have any plans anyway so it wasn't as if it was a terrible thing! When I got up, I showered, watched a bit of TV and then decided to go out.

I was able to ride my bike and that was a nice treat. I rode off to the Co-op mall. I had lunch at McDonalds and then did a little shopping. I went to Athena, the decorating shop next to the mall and discovered that their Asian store is being cleared out. I picked up a scarf for a friend for what I thought was 495 yen, and a set of placemats for the table for 50 yen. When I paid, it turned out the scarf was even cheaper! I should have bought more. I could have gotten one for myself too.

I rode home and was home around 4:30. It was really nice to be able to get out under my own power for a change too. The weather and my foot haven't been very nice to me for a long time.

I watched a bunch of the weekend's TV today, including CSI: Miami. Now, I like the characters, but the plot lines are getting so convoluted I can't help wondering how dumb the writers think the audience is. Enough already! Get back to detecting and solving crimes. No more Russian mafia please.

In the evening F came home. He contacted my dentist to get an intro letter to the hospital's Dental Surgeon and hopefully we'll be able to get in to see him soon. We spent a bit of time together and then went out for dinner.

We had a nice dinner at New York, New York and then hit the grocery store for tomorrow's dinner. We're going to have tacos, the not very authentic type, but we like them!

Came home again and I watched my two medical shows and the British comedy Not Going Out. It's okay. Sometimes there are big laughs, other times not so much. Today there were a few.

So, that's about it! My day was quite good, and I enjoyed it. Tomorrow I have one class and it's the student's final one. I'll be a bit sad afterwards I think. Night.


girl Japan said...

Yay for getting referral to see the surgeon, I had one tooth cut out, but I was in and out in 10 min.. stitched and everything.

I had to have my wisdom teeth pulled to make way for braces.. (top).

Ugly Betty is doing a replay.. so now I can catch up.. YAY... It is nice and warm today.. I LOVE it.. only had three classes and then I hit the streets... I'll have to enjoy the weather before July comes.. HOT and humid till Oct.. EWWW

Helen said...

You give me hope with your 10 minutes at the Dental surgeon, but I think mine might be complicated. Sigh. Apparently I have a vein or something near the tooth, and the roots are all twisted. The surgeon will have to cut my tooth in half and remove it bit by bit. Urgh. Can you imagine how happy I am to hear all of that?

We're lucky, it's not terribly humid up here in summer. It's more than I like, but much less than Tokyo for example.

Still, today was nice, a warmish winter day. Hurray.