February 4, 2010

Thursday - Snowy, then clear, then more snow.

I woke up this morning and the world was white. There was snow everywhere. I went back to sleep for a bit in hope that it was all a nightmare. It wasn't.

I had an average day here at home. I got up, had some coffee early on, then some chai later. I even had some pumpkin soup for "breakfast". I rarely eat breakfast so it was a nice treat. I watched some telly, most notably, Tim Gunn's Fashion Check and then last night's film, Married Life. I rather liked it. It was very different than I thought it would be. Chris Cooper was amazing as always, and Pierce Brosnan wasn't a slouch either. The man is so ridiculously good looking that people forget he's not a bad actor. Patricia Clarkson and Rachel MacAdam rounded out the cast and were terrific too.

Cold Case wasn't on today, instead it was a stupid Stephen King based movie called Trucks. I half watched it, it was bad. Around 3 I began making my lunch and then ate it. I cleaned up and set out into the snow.

When I left the apartment, the snow had stopped and the sun was shining. It was beautiful outside. I did F's parking space for him before I left and then set off on my way. It wasn't that cold and the road was quite passable, so I made good time. At my school, I unloaded my backpack, then grabbed my scoop and cleared the front steps, then my parking space. I worked for a while, but the snow was very light so it was easy to do.

I had a bit of time before my first class so I did the Sunday puzzle and read some of the old papers from my trip. When my students came, we had a good class. They did very well, and we all had fun today. They left with their mother and I hurriedly prepped the classroom for my next student. We had a good class too. We worked on vocabulary and finally got things under control I think. Yay.

I did clean up after class and then just as I was going to call F, he called me. He picked me up and took me to Cocos for dinner. It was quite good tonight. I had a hamburger steak that you cooked yourself. It came with a cheese sauce that was yummy. Then, we came home.

At home, we vegged and around midnight I made some tea. And, sorry folks, but that is all you get for tonight! Night night.


Anonymous said...

You and my parents are getting hit with a lot of snow this year... So.. Mr. Weather man says.. we might get some tomorrow.... YEAH....right...

I totally fell in love with Veronica Mars.. have you seen it? Wasn't Kuruso from CSI in NYPD blue.. I remember my father having a fondness for that show.

Helen said...

Yes, we have tons of snow again. Too much really.

I have seen the odd episode of Veronica Mars, but have never been able to seen enough in a row to really get into it. I like what I've seen.

Yep, David Caruso was in NYPD Blue in the first couple of years. He left to start an ill fated film career.

Thanks for visiting :-)