February 28, 2010

Sunday - Cloudy and grey, a little rain at night.

An interesting day. I overslept as usual, but when I woke up, I discovered why. F had shut the bedroom door so I couldn't hear anything from the living room, and outside it was fairly grey and dull. My body thought it was still night! (That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!)

We watched Olympics, or tried to. Yesterday, there was a huge earthquake in Chile and now a tsunami was heading towards Japan. All the channels were broadcasting big maps of Japan with the areas highlighted that might be hit by the water. Fortunately for us, we are on the other side of Japan and there were no warnings for us.

We went to Sakata for our very late lunch. We went to Kappa-sushi. I like it there sometimes because they have actual tables to sit at, and some non traditional sushi items that I like. We had a very nice lunch and then came home afterwards. F had his tv in the car on watching the skating extravaganza, which was always my favourite part of the whole Olympics. I wasn't too happy as I think it's dangerous, and the tv makes me a bit queasy watching it. Anyway, we got home and watched the tail end on TV.

We had a quiet night in basically. We watched Burn After Reading on WOWOW. It was as silly and odd as the first time we saw it. Then, F found more Olympics and watched that.

Around 11, F started talking about being hungry and at 11:30 I suggested going out. We went to Gusto for a very very late dinner. It was kind of fun though. I tried to get him to stay out and go drinking afterwards, but he kept saying things like, "I have to go to work tomorrow!" so, we came home. Bummer.

After even more Olympics (seriously...am so glad they end soon) he went to have a bath and then bed. I haven't gone to bed yet. But I will soon.

Tomorrow, I have to finish writing my column. I have an idea, but it's not the usual traditional movie review thing I do. Hmm. What will I write about? It's my secret! Night.


Sherry said...

My kids love that sushi place because of the train service. They get upset if we just pick stuff up off the belt.

Helen said...

I like the train thing too! I think it's fun.

Tsuruoka doesn't have it's own Kappa-Sushi, we have a more traditional Keiten Sushi place, so it's still an unusual thing when we go to Kappa-sushi.

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