March 17, 2010

Wednesday - Cloudy/rainy, then snowy. Gah!

Had an okay day today. Bit perplexing in a way.

Got up this morning, showered, and dressed. F & I planned to leave the apartment at 9:40 and we very nearly made it. We live close enough to the hospital that it didn't matter and we were on time for my appointment.

We saw the dentist, he looked at my mouth and it seems like he's telling me that I have to get a tooth out because there is a problem with it. But, it's not my wisdom tooth. He says it's fine. I want to say, "Nanny nanny boo yah" to the other dentist, but I'm too much of a lady to do that! Anyway, he gave me some painkillers and sent us on our way.

F & I had lunch in the Daiichi Hotel. I had fish for a change and it was nice. Hubs had unagi-don and complained about it, so normal there! We came home afterwards. He was supposed to go to see one of his doctors but found out the office was closed on Wednesday. He thought about going to the other one, but didn't. Basically, he was a couch potato instead. Oh wait...he did do something. He translated a note to a parent for me. Sorry dear. I watched Project Runway which was very cool and the right person got sent home I think. Laura Bennett from a couple of seasons earlier was a guest judge. She wasn't pregnant as far as I could tell!

We went out for a quick snack before my work. It was KFC so not very healthy, or delicious either if I'm honest. Still, it worked. I got F to drop me off at my school. I had a good couple of classes. My second student showed up a bit late and told me that it was because of the snow. Yes, snow. While I'd been in class the few flakes that were in the air had become 5 cm of very wet snow. Yuck.

After I finished up, I called hubby. He came to get me and we had an okay dinner in New York, New York. I had chicken again! This one was grilled though, so not too bad.

We came home and watched the send off show of So You Think You Can Dance. It was okay.

So, that was what happened during my day today. It was okay. I'm glad that I'm not getting the wisdom tooth out, but I'm a bit worried about getting the other tooth out. I'll have to have a bridge made, but the hospital doesn't do that. I'll have to go back to the other dentist, which is a PITA. F is taking off all this time off work just to get my teeth seen to, and then I'll have to go again to another dentist. No idea if I'm even doing the right thing or if there are any alternatives. Bah. Where's the Tooth Fairy when you need her?



girl Japan said...

Helen.. did the other tooth decay? You know what happened to me once... I was having a root canal done, and my tooth broke..... I was a kid who didn't like to brush.. despite mom and ad yelling at us/me.

One it's out, and done, you'll feel SO much better. See the hangover, and you'll realize, it's not that bad.. hehe "wink"...

KFC, I have not had it for a long time.. I can't eat the chicken because it's too salty, I can only eat the crunchy type.. but love the chick sand... I have not had anything fried in about six months....

I have 5 kg more give or take.. so, it's SO HARD to avoid when the Mr. and eating choco covered macadamia nuts... hehe

Helen said...

I think the tooth that's giving me problems does have decay underneath it. That's what the dentist in Canada said. She said I was on the borderline of needing a root canal and would probably have to have one.

After Sunday's agony, I really do just want to get it out. Hub keeps forgetting and wants to take me to places with lots of chewy food!

We rarely do KFC either. I try not to eat too much fast food, but once in a makes a change. I had the strips with the crispy outside.

I'm not a big fan of macadamia nuts, but I know what it's like when my DH eats in front of me when I'm trying to diet. He had this thing before where he'd tell me how horrible things were that he knew I'd like! It was rather funny, in our fave restaurants, when he'd tell me that the dessert was really he gobbled it up! Maybe you had to be there!

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