March 25, 2010

Thursday - Rain, rain and more rain.

An okay day. I got up this morning, turned on the heater and the lights and went back to bed for a few minutes. It was nice. I got up in time to watch the news and stayed up. I made the bed and then did laundry. Lots of laundry!

I decided to take today as easily as possible, so I did. I had breakfast so that I could take some medicine. I watched the Italian cooking show this morning, then a bunch of TV that I had taped since last week. I have one more thing to watch, a movie.

I cooked myself lunch and decided to forgo my usual omelette. I had scrambled eggs instead and I think it was a good call. I managed to eat them, plus a couple of sausages and an English muffin. The muffin was the hardest bit as it had black sesame seeds in it and they kept getting stuck in my teeth.

I biked off to work in the rain. I went directly there today and didn't stop anywhere. It was really rainy and my cape wouldn't stay down, so my knees got wet. However, I was at the school around 5 and I made it safely so that was great.

I changed and set up for my classes. When the students came, we had a good time. I did some things a little bit different today and they worked rather well. Hurray for that.

F called me around 9:30 to see if I was ready to come home. I wasn't quite, so he agreed to wait 10 more minutes at home and then come. That was perfect. I was able to get everything done before he arrived. Yay.

We had dinner in Cocos tonight. I had something I'd never had before, a doria. That's a bit like macaroni and cheese, only with rice instead of macaroni. It was good. It was soft for my teeth and had an egg and a little meat in it for protein. Yay. Hubby had a maguro-don.

After dinner we came home and had a quiet evening together. I'm on my computer, the mister is on his cell phone.

So that's about it for me. I'm still in quite a bit of pain. I've been taking my medicine, but I didn't want to take the bigger amount I'm allowed to today in case I fell asleep during my classes. As it was, I very nearly fell asleep! I was so tired.


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