March 26, 2010

Friday - Sunny in the afternoon, snowy at night.

An okay day. I got up and watched the news. I lazed around the apartment for most of the day. I had decided to just keep today as a "take it easy" day. I ate a couple of meals because I had to take my medicine with food.

In the afternoon I watched Daniel Craig in Layer Cake. It was interesting. He was good as ever, and it's always lovely to see Colm Meany in films.

F was late tonight. He called me around 6:30 to say he was still working and wouldn't be home for quite a while. Since he wasn't there and nothing was on TV, I decided to watch a couple of episodes of Corner Gas. It was so funny. I enjoyed it a lot.

F made it home around 8 and we went out for dinner. I suggested the okonomiyaki place as okonomiyaki is fairly soft for me to eat. We went there. It was quite busy, but we were able to get a table. We had a nice meal. After, when we were getting ready to leave, a group of teens left before us. They had their picture taken with the owner of the shop. I told F that I thought they were rather nice kids. They weren't loud and obnoxious, the way some teens are. It turns out they were band members who had just finished high school and were going to start university soon.

After a quick pass at my school to set the heater for tomorrow, we came home. F did a channel surf on TV and found Deep Impact, so we rewatched some of that. I didn't really like it when it first came out and still didn't like it now. I don't think I saw it in the theater. I did see Armageddon and hated it too, so think it's just the genre.

And that's about it for my day. It's been really quiet. Tomorrow I'm scheduled for 4 classes. I just hope I can last that long! Wish me luck. Night.

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