March 29, 2010

Monday - Sunny then snowy. Ack!

Had a quiet morning at home. I got a fax from a student cancelling her class tomorrow so I faxed her back and then got on with my day.

I watched the weekend's telly, read the newspaper and for good measure even cut up the milk cartons for recycling. I wrapped up some books to send to a friend and I had a look at my friend's birthday presents. I still need to get her something else. I'm not entirely sure what yet.

I was going to pop out to the post office when I looked outside and was horrified to see it was snowing. There was a couple of inches on the ground out there and it was really coming down. Sigh.

I stayed home. When F came home, we went out for dinner, but also made a quick stop at the electronics shop for some printer ink for my school. After that, we went to New York, New York, which was just across the road from the shop. We had a cheap and cheerful dinner there.

We came home via the school to set the heater for tomorrow, and via the gas station to buy some kerosene. Once we were at home, we watched the movie I'd taped off WOWOW tonight. It was Definitely, Maybe and it was quite good. It was a kind of rom-com, but had a twist to it. It was not a typical romance movie which made it interesting for us both. After that we watched Grey's Anatomy. Tonight was the big season finale. It was good, except F did the thing that he always does. He half watches the show while he plays with his cell phone. That meant I had to explain to him what happened. Gah! He can't multi-task!

Later on, we watched a really bad made in Canada cheapie disaster movie. During the movie, I introduced F to the goodies my friend had sent last week. He got hot cocoa and Triscuit. He'd never had Triscuit before and was very impressed! And, so was I. It had been a long time since I'd had any.

So that was my day. Hopefully, tomorrow will be okay. I have a dental appointment at 10:00 am. After that, F has to go to work, and so do I. I don't have to go until later on though.

Wish me luck with the dentist please, and think warm thoughts. Hopefully the snow will melt enough to let me ride my bike to work tomorrow! Night.

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