April 13, 2010

Tuesday - Rainy, rainy, rainy

A pretty good day. I got up to watch the news, but it was baseball instead. Darn. We're back to that are we? Bleck. Cannot stand baseball.

I lazed around this morning, not doing much of anything to be honest. In the afternoon I watched Medium from the weekend. I have to say that I enjoy the show, not so much for the psychic stuff, but for the family part of it. It seems like a real family...or the way it should be. Anyway, don't want to get on a soapbox about it.

In the afternoon I made myself an omelette and tried something new. I had some kabocha in the freezer, so I took a couple of pieces out, heated it up, then sliced it and added it to my omelette de jour. I used some processed camembert cheese with it too, so I had an interesting omelette. The kabocha didn't really add too much taste, but did make the texture quite interesting.

I bicycled off to work in the rain. It wasn't terrible, but an odd thing happened on the way. I was going over a bridge and there were about 5 school girls coming towards me on their bikes. Four of them were on the other side of the sidewalk, one was on my side. All of a sudden just as they were getting really close to me, the four of them all switched to my side and wouldn't move over. That meant I had to switch to the opposite side. I'm afraid that I wasn't exactly gracious about it and let out rather a few swear words at them. It honestly seemed like they were willing to hit me rather than stay on the other side. And of course being a foreigner I would have been to blame...okay, technically I'm not supposed to ride on the sidewalk, but that particular piece of road is a main thoroughfare and I'm not going to risk it.

I only had one class today as one of my students had cancelled today. I used the time at my school wisely today. I vacuumed and dusted, and did a good job of it. I taught my lesson and afterwards checked tomorrow's classes. I arranged some homework for one of my students tomorrow too.

I called F to come and get me, which he did. We went to Fireball for dinner and had pizza and pasta. The pizza was great. It was chicken and gorgonzola cheese and was really nice. The pasta was pork cheek in a tomato cream sauce and wasn't that great. It was probably the least favourite of my dishes that I've ever had there. Usually I love the pasta there, even tomato cream ones, but not today. F was even more underwhelmed than I was.

We came home and watched So You Think You Can Dance. There wasn't a stand out performance for me like there was last week. The Bollywood one last week was amazing. Today, some of them were good, but I wasn't blown away. And, I never agree with the judges. They like ones I think are bad!

That's about it for today. I'm watching ELO in concert and will probably post this and go to bed soonish. Tomorrow I'm back to the hospital to see the new dentist and discuss my wisdom tooth. I'm thinking that I'm going to keep it unless there is a pressing reason for me to have it out. Enough trauma for my mouth this year.

I'm done. Catch you tomorrow? Night.

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