April 16, 2010

Friday - Sunny and a bit cold.

My day started well...not sure what happened. I was late to bed again, but since I had no plans for today I didn't care.

I did oversleep this morning, no biggie. I got up, dressed finally and then watched a bit of TV. I watched some news and then found Robin and Marian, the old Sean Connery/Audrey Hepburn movie. It was good, and I was a little sad because I've always wanted to see it. I missed the very beginning and I needed to go out so I would miss the end too. I didn't want to tape it, although I probably should have!

I headed out on my bike a bit after 2 pm. I first went to a post office and made a small coin deposit, then to the bank to make a business deposit and have my passbook updated. After that, I biked off to my personal bank to get my passbook fixed. The magnetic strip isn't working again. Sigh. Hard to update it when it doesn't work. Done all my business finally. Yes. Then, it was time for lunch.

I went to a place that I'd been to once before with an student, many, many years ago. It's a little out of the way, but I have always wanted to go back. I wasn't sure if the kanji on the door meant it was okay to go in, so I asked and the worker said it was. I went in and had a seat. The probably owner, definitely cook, asked if I could understand Japanese. I told him that I could a bit. I ended up having chicken saute with rice, miso soup, and salad. After I had cafe au lait. It was very nice. There was even a salad bar and the cook told me that it was okay to go back. I appreciated that because in smaller restaurants I'm not sure if it is okay or not. I had a big meal and it was delicious! When I paid I was surprised. I think he must have given me a discount or a "service" drink because it was quite cheap. Yay. I'm not complaining.

I came home and before I came into the apartment did a bit of weeding in the non-flower bed under our window. Hurray for me. Then, I came into the apartment. I had a quiet time on my computer for a while. F came home a little bit before 7 pm and wanted to go out right away.

Fumihiko of course wanted noodles but I told him that I wasn't interested. I countered with Kintaro sushi. The good thing that he could have as much as he wanted and I could have as much as I wanted, or didn't want. I was still quite full from lunch, so wasn't hungry. I think I had about 4 dishes, F a few more.

After dinner, he suggested karaoke. I was dying to go, but trying to be responsible, I put him off for tonight. I am scheduled for 3 classes tomorrow and I want to be in good voice for them! In turn I suggested going to Mr. Donut for coffee. We went and had a nice time. They played some great music and it made me wish I had gone to karaoke.

We came home and watched Desperate Housewives on tape and then I asked F about our holiday during Golden Week. We're going driving north. We've got hotels for two nights, but after the second night we have nowhere to stay. F has got us stopped in a place that is 7 hours away and he's okay with that. I am not. I think that means we'll be driving all day. Frankly, I don't think my hip will take that. I'm just getting over my sciatica by being really careful about my posture when I sit in the car, but 7 hours? Yikes. I tried to find us another hotel but it's the middle of Golden Week and probably Hanami season too, so there's nothing.

We've been discussing what to do and I suggested not going to the second place, but he doesn't want to do that. I also have been told for the 50th time that I'm not supposed to talk to him while he's using his computer. Oh really? I know it is difficult for him to concentrate, but there are times when I have to give him some input. He was also complaining that going south would have been easier, but I wanted to go north. True, I did say that I wanted to go north sometime...SOMETIME, but not necessarily this holiday season. It's funny how I'm always blamed for things like this.

I'm thinking about not going anywhere now. He can go if he wants to, but really going to 2 far off cities for one night each means that we won't get to see anything anyway. He'll be driving all the time and I won't be having much fun.

Anyway, my night is over. I think I'm going to go to bed soon. I really just want this day to be over. Pity, it started so well, and it was fun up until we came home. Night.


Orchid64 said...

It may indeed be a good idea to take "separate vacations" if your wishes are so divergent as to create conflict. It doesn't even have to be something that you're both doing because you're angry, but just a mutual understanding that doing something apart might be healthier and more gratifying. You can get some alone time and he can eat noodles and drive all day.

My husband and I have done this in the past, though mainly over things like his desire to tromp around Tokyo for hours on shopping excursions and my desire not to subject myself to the noise, crowds and back pain. It works well for us and it might for you, too. :-)

Helen said...

I wouldn't mind, but I have the feeling that he would! I think he wants to show me part of Japan that I haven't seen yet, but I am more concerned with comfort as I get older!

Anyway, hopefully things will work out. This morning things are better, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!