April 20, 2010

Tuesday - Cloudy but nice...a bit of rain later on.

A much better day. I got to bed last night a full hour earlier than usual, so this morning I was able to get myself out of bed and not need to stay in bed. Hurray for that. The news was on too so it was a bonus day.

I watched Medium from the weekend and thought it was good...then watched the first part of today's James Bond film, License to Kill. Every time I see Dalton as Bond I really feel that he was not given enough credit. He followed Roger Moore's wise-quipping Bond and brought more of a serious spy respectability to the whole shebang. I think he was almost as good as Craig. Don't get me wrong, I loved Brosnan as Bond, but that had a lot to do with me loving Brosnan!

I rode off to work today around 2. I taped the end of the movie, hopefully will be able to watch it tomorrow. At the school I got ready and when my student came, taught her. She's going to be busy for a while and won't be able to come at all next month. I'm a little dismayed to hear that, but she did make an appointment for June so I'll see her eventually.

In my between class time today I read 3 newspapers, drank 3 cups of tea, had some soup pasta and started my puzzle from the Sunday paper. I suppose I really should have done some school work, but I'm feeling the drag down to Golden Week start.

My second class went well today. My student had a good weekend and we chatted about that before doing our review of the unit. We still have a few lessons left on that.

After class I did dishes, cleaned, did paperwork and finished my puzzle. Then I called F to come and get me.

We went to Cocos for dinner and I had their new dish, grilled chicken Genovaso. It was really good. Basically, grilled chicken with basil sauce and veggies on it. It was on a bed of mashed potatoes. I had the set, so it came with a bun and soup. Yum. They've changed their menu now and I was extremely surprised to see that Cocos has a version of Poutine now. I told F that I'll have it next time we go! But, should I test it? Poutine is such a Canadian thing that I'm not sure it should be Japanized. Still, I guess I should give them credit for trying? I'll fill you all in later.

We came home and we watched So You Think You Can Dance. It was a pretty good show tonight and I found myself really impressed by most of the dancing. It was also interesting to see Toni Basil as a judge. I haven't seen her in ages!

So, that was my day. Not bad, and a hundred times better than yesterday. Yay. Talk to you tomorrow. Night!

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