April 21, 2010

Wednesday - Cloudy and a little rainy, clearing at night.

The cherry blossoms outside our apartment are blooming quite nicely, we just haven't had the weather yet to make it worth our while to walk to the park to see the better display there. Sigh. Hopefully tomorrow or Friday it'll be nice enough to go.

Today was a good if quiet day. I got up before my alarms today and stayed up. I watched news and did a little on the computer before taking my shower. The day passed fairly quietly. I did laundry, I watched Passengers, a movie from the weekend and I got ready for work.

I had just finished washing dishes after my brunch when the news came on and my ears pricked up. I heard something about my former place of work. Apparently, my old company went bankrupt. I had to do a net search to be sure, but the place that I used to work for has gone under. I'm not too up on the details as I haven't worked for them in a long time. Sigh. When the other major Eikaiwa went under a year or more ago, I did wonder whether my former place would manage to survive or not.

I had a good ride to work today. I went a slightly different route and it worked rather well. I stopped off at the drugstore for something to drink in my school, then continued to the school. I am really loving the fact that it stays light later at night. Yes!

My class went well tonight. I really enjoy teaching this student, just wish that getting her to speak wasn't so difficult. After she left, I set up for tomorrow's class, read a bit of a magazine and thought about my next Journal column. Did a bit of research on it too.

F picked me up and we went to Midori Shokodo. It's a Japanese restaurant that he likes more than me. I don't mind if if I'm in the right mood, but I'm not often in the right one for it. Tonight I had the kara-age teishoku, or fried chicken dinner set. There was really too much for me. No kidding, I gave some of it to F as he was done his ramen so much faster that I was done.

After dinner we stopped at the grocery store. I think we might just attempt dinner tomorrow night. We bought simple fixings for dinner. Probably will be ginger pork with salad and chawanmushi. I hope so, because I'm getting tired of chosing which restaurant to go to.

We came home and watched So You Think You Can Dance. I enjoyed it, but thought the wrong male dancer was sent home.

F went off to bed after the show and I should really try and get there soon too. I'm not very tired, but I'm trying to get myself into the rhythm of going to bed earlier. This 3 am nonsense isn't good for me.

And that's it for me. Night!

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