April 23, 2010

Friday - Rainy or cloudy most of the day.

I had a very quiet day for the most part. I stayed home during the day. Actually to tell the complete truth, I watched the news and then went back to bed. It was lovely.

In the afternoon I watched a bit of telly, but nothing of note or very good. When F came home he realized that he had forgotten to visit the ATM after work, so he decided to leave right away to do that. Then, almost as an afterthought asked me to go with him. That was the sort of evening we ended up having!

We went to S-Mall to use the ATM and then did a quick run though of the grocery store. F got himself some ramen and other noodle-y type things. Bleck.

We had thought about going to the Daiichi Hotel for dinner since we were there anyway, but F didn't like the sound of their dinners, and they were quite expensive. (He didn't want the cheaper pasta dinner....but had just bought ramen...go figure!) We drove around for a bit and F suggested the Thai place in town, then nixed it. He doesn't really like Thai food. He wanted to go to the "bad" soba shop, I said no. I also said no to the "good" soba shop. Not only am I not into Japanese noodles at the moment, but I don't like being treated like the Gaijin Monkey Guest. Yuck. (That's the one where I sit there and try to eat while the Master of the Shop talks to F about me. So relaxing that.)

We ended up going to a kind of restaurant that does meat, mostly tonkatsu and the like, but some chicken and steak too. F had tonkatsu, I tried to have chicken but they were out. Sigh. At least the steak was good. The coffee afterwards was not. Too strong and too cool. I like my coffee hot, just like my men!!! (groan)

We tried to have a little bit of Hanami after dinner. We parked at City Hall and got out to walk over to the park. We took a right turn and we should have taken the left. We ended up trudging through the stalls in the pitch dark, nowhere near any of the flowers. I was wearing new shoes and so was trying to avoid puddles and keep up to F. For some reason he decided that it would be a good idea if he walked 5 feet in front of me, rather than at my side as I had romantically envisioned. Sigh. Finally, I had enough. I asked him where he thought he was going. "Just to those trees over there." Trees which were really not in sight. At that point I let it be known that I had had enough and would like to turn back now. He knows that I have a bad foot at the moment and that I didn't want to wreck my new shoes, so what on earth was he thinking? We got back to the car and driving home passed the park on the main road. There was a wide dry sidewalk with lots of lanterns and trees...the way we should have gone.

We came home and I told F that I wanted to watch a movie at 10 pm. After it started he decided to do dishes and was lovely and noisy about it. Then he decided to go out and get himself beer. Okay, whatever. He came back (noisily) with beer and snacks for himself. Nowt for me. Sigh. I know I didn't ask him for anything, but would it have killed him to ask me? Probably. Then I had to put up with cellophane bags being opened and smelly contents being chewed (also noisily). Bah!

It sounds like I'm mad at him and I'm not really. I just don't understand how one person can make so much noise without even trying.

Anyway, today was okay. I'm back at work tomorrow and I might have a busy day. I'm thinking I'll take my computer over to the school so I can work on my column. I didn't get anything written today and I have to get it done!

Gotta go. Night!

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