April 26, 2010

Monday - Sunny and warm-ish.

An okay day. I had a late night again so I slept in a bit this morning.

I really was a lady of leisure today and I didn't do very much unfortunately. I watched some of my TV from the weekend and enjoyed it for the most part.

F came home and we went out for dinner. We tried going to a place that was closed, then went for okonomiyaki instead. It was nice. We bought a few groceries then came home and had a quiet evening in.

That's about it. It really wasn't an exciting or productive day at all. In fact, I kind of forgot about all the stuff that I really should be doing! Oops.

Tomorrow I'm back to work, with my last class of the day/month. I hope I don't go stir crazy with myself over the holiday. Wish me luck eh!

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