April 30, 2010

Friday - Cloudy and a bit rainy.

A good day. I got up this morning, watched news and then had a nap. Sigh. I slept through my second alarm too...bad me.

I had a quiet morning and afternoon around the house. Got a bit of a headache again. Wondered if it was connected to the sushi last night or the no coffee today. No idea really. I should probably do a diet check some day.

After a bit I decided that I really must get out to the bank. I went out to the bank machine, then grabbed a quick bite at McDonalds. Then, I went back to the grocery store and got a few ingredients for dinner. I decided not to do the chicken stroganoff that I've been planning to do, but to do something fairly simple. I bought some cheese, cream, bacon, asparagus, mushrooms and then came home. It had started raining when I came out of the store, so biking wasn't that fun, but it wasn't too bad. I made it home safely.

At home I sent F a message that I'd like him to call or text me before he left work and then got started on my quiche. I chopped up the asparagus, mushrooms, then grated some of the cheese. I basically did everything except put the wet ingredients into the veggies.

F called me around 6:30 to say he was done and to check what the problem was! He thought something was wrong. I told him I was making dinner and just wanted to know when to start cooking it! After we hung up, I started the oven.

I put the quiche it and started it going, got the table cleared off and set, and waited for F. While I was doing all the quiche stuff, I watched rather a lot of Corner Gas. I needed my dose of Canadiana! So funny.

When F came home, he changed (finally) and he made something for our dinner too. He made chap chae, a Korean noodle dish. I didn't mind as it's one of my favourites, and the noodles aren't flour based. So, tonight we had quiche, salad and Korean noodles. Quite an international meal really! It was good though. I was quite happy with the quiche too. I had used some real cheddar so it had a little more taste than usual.

F did the dishes and then we had a little rest. We went out to buy gas for the car and to check my school. With me not being there much this week I wanted to clear any flyers from the door and just generally make sure things were okay. They were fine. We decided to go out for dessert to Mr. Donut. Actually, lots of places were bandied about, but Mr. Donut is cheap and cheerful.

We came home and had a quiet evening. We watched Top Gear again and it was funny. F is amazed that I like the show, considering it's all about cars and I'm not very interested in cars. Michael Gambon was on and I tried to convince F that he was really Dumbledore, but he wasn't too sure. Of course, he wasn't wearing long robes and a beard.

That's about it for me. I'll be away for 2 or 3 nights, so there won't be any updates. I may do some as I'm planning to take my computer along, but they won't get posted for a bit. Talk to you soon. Those of you in Japan, have a great Golden Week. Bye!

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