May 14, 2010

Friday - Cloudy and rainy most of the day.

I had an okay, but quiet day. I was really tired this morning so I got up for a while, checked for news (none) then went back to bed. I slept for a while and it was nice.

In the afternoon I watched the World News updates, and then decided to go out to the mall. It was quite late by this time, but for some reason F's coin jars caught my eye. (Yes, I have him trained on that Canadian habit of having big jars of coins that sit around the apartment.) Last night he was going to sort it out (at 2 am) so I promised to do it today. I sat down and watched a couple of NHK shows and sorted some of it out. He has a lot of coins! It took ages and my hands were so dirty when I finished, I really had to scrub my fingers.

Then, it was off to the mall. I made quite good time, hit up the hundred yen shop first and then the Doutors for a calzone and iced tea. I thought I'd take a quick browse through the grocery store while I was there. I was looking for a type of ice cream that was mentioned on Japanese Snack Reviews. I didn't find what I was looking for, but as I was looking for something else, I noticed the bargain bin where they sell off things close to their sell-by date. Well, first thing I noticed was a small jar of Nutella. I picked it up. The sell-by date wasn't until September. Strange! The label was a little ripped, but nothing else looked wrong with it. It was marked at 200 yen. Hmm. Good deal. Then, I noticed another jar. No rips on the label, nothing wrong with it. I grabbed them both (after debating with myself for 0.000000000027 of a second.) Went to the cashier and paid for them.

I left the mall soon after this and bicycled home. It had started to drizzle again, but it wasn't too bad. It was getting dark, but still wasn't dark yet. Decent riding actually. I got home and about 10 minutes later F arrived.

Instead of asking if I wanted to go out for dinner right away, he made himself some udon with carbonara sauce. He did offer me some, but I wasn't interested. I asked him if he'd still want to go out for dinner and he said that he would? Crazy guy.

So, we go out. We really couldn't agree on a place to go, so I suggested the Daiichi Hotel. We went there and ate in their more casual restaurant, where we sometimes have lunch. Their meat and fish dinners sounded great but were really expensive, so we both had pasta! I had bacon and mushroom pasta with basillica sauce and F had penne with some kind of tomato sauce. I thought the meal was good as we had a lovely salad to start, nice bread and even dessert and coffee afterwards.

We went to my school and picked up a couple of chairs. Why? Well, I've been thinking of changing the chairs in my school and a couple of days ago I had a brainwave. We have two extra chairs in our apartment that never get used because when we bought our dining table I had high hopes of entertaining occasionally. That never happens, so the spares reside in the bedroom under mounds of bedding and clothes. Why not swap them out for two of my school's chairs. It's not a permanent thing and if I find chairs that I love I may still buy them, but until I do, this might work. Yay me. Anyway, we grabbed two of my school's chairs and brought them home.

I went into the bedroom and went though the stuff on the chairs and sorted it out. I was also surprised by how many of my clothes were there that I had forgotten about. Oops. I transferred the stuff, cleaned the floor underneath and got the room looking better than it had been in a while. F had disappeared meanwhile. Funny how guys can do that.

Anyway, I went to my computer, F went to bed and slept for 3 hours or so. He's up now, but seems tired again.

I have to get to bed soon though. I have to get up tomorrow morning. I have classes and have to make sure I get breakfast before work. Wish me luck! Night.

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Orchid64 said...

Good as that ice cream was, I think the Nutella is a much better find! Of course, I can't trust myself around Nutella. If I buy a jar, I'll eat it with a spoon straight out of the jar until the jar is empty! ;-)