May 16, 2010

Sunday - Sunny and warm.

An interesting day. I went to bed really late last night, so I slept in a bit too. I set my alarm for 11 and did wake up, but didn't get up for a while. Finally I did and had some coffee with the hubster.

We couldn't agree on a place to go for lunch, so I suggested a place my student told me about. It's near downtown. We went there after a few misdirections. The worst thing about the place was the parking! F had a hard time fitting our big car into the small space. He did manage though, so good for him. When we went in, I got a look at the chef and recognized him immediately. He was the second chef in a place in Amarume called Handa. It was famous for it's meat, especially steak. The chef/owner of the restaurant was terrible, he was always yelling at his staff so I really didn't like going there.

After we sat down, F said to me, "The chef looks familiar. I think I've seen him before." I told him where and then he remembered too. We had a pretty decent meal. F had the cheaper pilaf lunch which was so-so, while I had the more expensive fish lunch. Mine was very nice. I got a good salad and then soup and rice with my fish. Our desserts were similar except I had more fruit than F did. We enjoyed the meal so we'll probably go there again.

Over dinner we discussed what to do for the rest of the day. I really wanted to go shopping to get a few things for me and the apartment and my school. So I said that and also suggested going fishing in the evening. F decided that we should go fishing right away. Huh? I told him that I needed our outdoor chairs to sit on. With my bad foot I wasn't going to stand around on it.

We go home, I change. He runs around getting all the gear ready. He comes back in and tells me there's a female police officer walking around the area and maybe she'd come into our apartment. I asked him why. When the officers (and I've had two now) came to my school, they never asked to come in. I invited one in out of the blizzard, but he stayed firmly in the genkan. F went and did something else, so I decided to put sunscreen on. I went into the bathroom, closed the door, took off my shirt and plastered on the sunscreen. A few minutes I got a knock at the door of the bathroom. He tried to come in, saw I was half undressed and then slammed out of the apartment.

Confused, I checked and sure enough, the car had disappeared. And of course, I saw hide nor hair of the Police Officer. Okay. I spent time on my computer and it wasn't till an hour later that he reappeared. He'd gone to buy fishing gear. Anyway, we drove out to one place, still in Tsuruoka city limits, to try our luck.

We didn't have any. We were there for a couple of hours. F was being really annoying, giving me all these fishing lessons. I don't think he realizes that I'm there to keep him company. I'd rather enjoy myself with him than catch a fish. After two hours of no bites I was needing a washroom, and really wasn't enjoying myself that much. We packed up and found a washroom. Whew.

We went to Kamo Port and tried again. F caught a little fish but threw it back as it was too small. I didn't do much fishing there, I just fed the fish a lot of bait. While we were at Kamo there was a small matsuri start. The drums were quite cool. Also, the moon came up and it was a crescent. Above it there was a bright star (or could be a planet, I've no idea). It was quite beautiful.

Around 7 we packed it in. We had no luck at all. Sigh. F asked me where I'd like to go for dinner, but I wasn't too worried. We finally agreed to go to Kappa Sushi in Sakata. We went there and had fish. It was fun actually. Not the greatest sushi, but I like that they have avocado and shrimp, and the avocado and tuna type too.

We came home via the big mall so I could get some bread from the bakery. It's one of the few places that sells "whole wheat" bread. It's whole wheat the way I'm Greek, but it might have a bit more fiber. I also bought a loaf of their brown bread. It has lots of yummy things in it and is amazing toasted. I usually freeze it until I'm finished the other type of bread.

We came home and F put away a lot of the gear from fishing. Then we vegged for a while. I made coffee and we watched most of The Fantastic Four. For a silly movie, it is quite entertaining. I've seen it at least 4 times now and I still enjoy watching it.

That's about it for my day. F went to bed a little while ago and if I'm smart I will go soon too. Not sure I'm smart!

Tomorrow I'm off and I haven't too many plans yet. Please check back and see what kind of day it was. Night.

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