May 17, 2010

Monday - Sunny.

I had a quiet day today. I slept in a bit longer than I should have, but finally got up. I made myself some coffee and had some toast with Nutella on it. So good!

I watched this weekend's TV stuff and enjoyed most of it. I'm not sure about Little Britain in America. It's funny but at times it is so over the top that it isn't funny. The CSI shows were interesting today too, one about a murder in the Korean community of Las Vegas, the other about a strange murder on a train.

F came home around 7. It was good to see him. We relaxed for a bit, but around 8 pm went out to the drugstore and a restaurant. We went to Grado tonight which was nice, but not super fabulous wonderful. Lately, all the good staff has mysteriously disappeared and all we're left with are young men who don't really know what they're doing. I hate always having to ask for more water, surely they can see if my glass is empty?

We came home and a little while later I noticed that there was a documentary on ramen on WOWOW. I told F about it and graciously allowed him to watch it! He enjoyed it, but kept translating things for me. The things he translated were things I understood, and then after a while I just didn't pay any attention anyway. Don't know why he does that. Surely he knows I'm not into ramen by now?

I half-watched a stupid made in America movie called Dragonball Evolution, mostly because it was based on Japanese anime and I know at least one of my younger students has an interest in it. It was okay, but not good enough to hold my interest.

And that's about it. I spent some time doing moderating things and then some on-line reading. I'll likely go to bed soon. If I can get to bed a little early, maybe I won't stay in bed too long tomorrow.

Talk to you tomorrow? Night.

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