May 23, 2010

Sunday - Muggy and cloudy most of the day, rainy at night.

An okay day. I went to bed last night at the same time my husband got up. 4:30 am. He'd been in bed for hours and came out to see what I was doing in the living room. Answer? Watching Pimp My Ride. I decided that I'd rather get some sleep. I did enjoy Top Gear though. Something about British humor just gets me.

I did manage to get up this morning. I've been trying lately to at least set an alarm for myself so I know what time it is. F does this wonderful thing where he sits in the living room with no lights on and the headphones on the TV so he won't disturb me. Thing is, I probably wouldn't mind if it wasn't too early. Anyway, I got up, and got dressed. In fact, I was dressed before him!

We had lunch at the Daiichi Hotel today. We dropped my watch off at the jewellry store on the way in and picked it up on the way back. My watch's battery died yesterday afternoon. I was quite lost without it. Lunch was nice. I had Shonai pork, breaded with cheese on top, with ratatouille, bread, and vichyssoise. Yum. F had Indian style curry with chicken. He said it was good. We had coffee afterwards and were even treated to an extra cup each. That was a bit of a surprise. It doesn't happen often in Japan. Picked up my watch on the way out and it was ready to go. Yay.

We came home, grabbed our bedding and took it to the laundromat. We spent a couple of hours doing our bedding. It wasn't too bad. They've changed the laundromat quite a bit. They've taken out some of the features and put a sign on the toilet that says it's for staff only. Half of the reason I went there was they had a toilet, so I'm not sure if I'll go there again. When we did our stuff, I realized that I'm a woman and F is from Mars. Or somewhere out there. We just don't see eye to eye on things like having really dry bedding. I'm willing to spend an extra two hundred yen to make sure our mattress pad is really dry, F isn't so sure it's necessary!

We came home, made the bed, had a snuggle, and then he went over to his mum's for a while. She gave him some takenoko stew which he brought back. He ladled me out some, but I didn't take it. He hadn't asked me, and I wasn't hungry just then. He was starting to bug me about dinner so if I ate something else, I wouldn't even want dinner.

After a lot of negotiations we decided to go to the Chinese place near our apartment. It was, fine. I had stirfried veggies again, and gyoza. They were okay, but not the best I've ever had. F thought his noodle dish was so-so. We bought a few groceries and then came home.

Around 8:30, F decided to try to set up his computer. He needs to connect it to the internet and hasn't been able to. He plugged in his AirMac Extreme and nothing happened. Of course, he did hook it up wrong! In doing his hook up, he managed to screw up my connection to the internet so I wasn't a happy camper at all. Sadly, we weren't able to get things connected at all. We might have to wait until tomorrow or until one of us has time to get into it.

Hubby went to bed a while ago and I'm still up. I think I'll try and get an earlier night tonight. I doubt I can stay up till 4:30 tonight. Well, I could, but I have no reason to do it tonight.

Anyway, that's it from me....long story works, bedding's clean, his computer's still a no-go for now. Night!

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