May 27, 2010

Thursday - Rainy and cool.

An okay day today. I got up at a reasonable time, but there wasn't any news on at all, just baseball. Yuck. I do wish the TV channels here didn't broadcast quite so much baseball. Or football. Or golf. I quite like soccer, even though I don't follow it that much anymore, and I like sumo when I actually watch it.

Anyhoo, did a bunch of laundry this afternoon. I did two loads and I may have to do more tomorrow. I still have a full laundry basket full. Sigh. That's what happens when you rediscover a couple of drawers full of clothes!

I had my lunch and then headed over to my school. I had a good ride, even though it was wet out. My hair got a little wet, but it wasn't as wet as I would have thought. At my school, I took off my cape and hung it in the shower to drip.

My first student came on time and we had a pretty good class. I gave him a review of phonic blends before we did the spelling test and it seemed to help a bit. The only problem? He can't distinguish between "L" and "R". So stereotypical, but true in his case. Still, he tried really hard.

I had a break and then it was time for my other class. My student had a surprise for me. She had brought me some of her homemade gumbo. Wow! I think I have it earmarked for lunch tomorrow. We had a good class and finally managed to finish the unit. Yes! We did have a surprise early on. My cell phone rang in class. I was really surprised because I thought I'd turned on the signal block, but I guess I didn't. It was F telling me that he was finished work. I told him that I'd call him back after class. I leave a schedule book for him at home so that he knows when my classes are, but I think he was still at work.

After class I called hub back to make sure there were no problems, then finished up my work. Hurray. Around 9 I gave him a call and he came to get me. We had dinner at Cocos tonight and it was nice. I had their new dish, a hamburger steak with peppercorns. It was supposed to be really spicy, but I didn't feel the heat! I told F the salad was spicier.

We came home via the grocery store. I'm going to make dinner tomorrow night. It'll just be a stirfry and if F doesn't eat it this time I'm probably going to go on strike for another couple of months. At one point he picked up some weird Japanese vegetable that he said could go in the stirfry but I wasn't too impressed. I've no idea how to cook/slice it and I don't know what it tastes like, so I don't think so!

F went straight to the room when we got home and was lying on the bed when I offered some Chai Milk Tea. He came out and had a cup and a nice chocolate and then said he was going to bed. Sigh. He's so tired these days and the weather is not helping his back situation. I feel a bit lonely as I barely see him anymore.

I watched ER and then turned off the TV. I'm now listening to Adam Lambert and drinking some of my delish White Peach Oolong Tea that I brought back from Canada last year.

It was a nice day today. I hope tomorrow will be good too. I have a Bookmooch that I have to send out (except my envelopes have mysteriously gone missing). I think I'll be MacGyvering a wrapping for them. I do have a page of an old calendar that I think I can use. Hey, it's recycling, right? On that note...adieu. Night!

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