May 29, 2010

Saturday - Cloudy and still a bit cool.

A good and bad day. Bad because a woman from my AFWJ group lost her fight with cancer today. Although I didn't know her personally, I have heard some wonderful stories about her. I know that many members in the Tokyo area are missing her tonight.

I got up this morning and watched the news. I made hubby let me have half of the couch and I enjoyed watching. I made the bed, showered and did some computer work.

At 11 we headed over to the dental office. Since I was a new patient for her, I had to fill out a form. We were both surprised that she had an English form. I think it was probably one for tourists but it did the job and was a nice touch, as was being shown into her consultation room to fill in the form. This new clinic was very nice and much more private than my last dentist here. I spent the next two hours there. I was shocked actually, I didn't think it would take that long! I was X-rayed, photographed, had my bottom teeth cleaned, moulds made of my teeth, the whole works. I'm going back next week for the bridgework stuff to begin. Scary.

We had a nice lunch afterwards at Grado. I had chicken, F had steak. His was very small, but looked nice. Afterwards the waitress gave us a piece of tart to say thanks for all of the newspapers we have given them. Free stuff is always good.

F dropped me off at my school after that, and I got busy. Or not. Actually, not really. I read the newspaper, did a bit of preview work and that's about it. I didn't expect my student to come. She called at 4 and said she'd be half an hour late, was it okay to come anyway? Of course, it was her time, so she was welcome anytime. When she came, we discussed her schedule for the next few weeks. She's going to be so very busy. I gave her some homework to read before Tuesday and sent her on her way.

I checked over my last lesson plan, cued the tape, and did some paperwork. When the student came we had a good lesson. It was a little difficult today because we were giving directions. I've found that people who don't drive, like my student and I, have problems giving directions. It was true today!

After class I finished up and then called F. He didn't answer the phone. I left a message. A few minutes later he called back. He'd been sleeping and when the phone rang, he'd dropped it and the room was dark so he couldn't find the phone! He picked me up and we went out. The plan was dinner and then karaoke, but what to eat? I originally suggested Mosburgers, then saw a sign for Coco Ichibanya Curry so we went there instead. It was quite nice. I got mine with less rice and regular heat.

We went to karaoke and had a great old time. We didn't get our usual sound system, but that was fine. It meant we had different songs to choose from. The only bad thing was that we had a Japanese style room and had to sit on the floor. It gave singing "Friends in Low Places" a whole other meaning! I had 3 Adam Lambert song options, so I did two of them. Yay. For Your Entertainment was really hard. I'll need to practice that one. I ended the evening with a k.d. lang song, Hallelujah, the one she did at the Olympics. It was interesting to sing. The song has such odd phrasing (Leonard Cohen and all). I also made it through Lady Gaga's Bad Romance, which is insanely weird!

It was after midnight before we started home. We got home just in time to watch House. It wasn't as good as usual, but still, Hugh Laurie is Hugh Laurie. I just watched Top Gear tonight too, and the guest star was another Hugh, Hugh Grant. He was quite rude, but very funny.

Anyway, that's it for me tonight. I'm thinking about the family of the lady that died, and her friends. She had so many. I didn't know her, but tonight I'm going to hug my husband a little bit tighter and a little bit longer.


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