May 6, 2010

Thursday - Hot and sunny, a little cloudy later on. Rain late at night.

Had a hard time getting up this morning! I did get out of bed at my "time" but then found there was no news on, so took a nap. Sigh. Anyway...I showered and had breakfast quite early today.

In the afternoon I watched some of the TV from the long weekend. Most of it was good. I didn't watch Project Runway yet, I decided to tape it today and get the whole thing in one piece.

I left for work a little later than I had planned, but made good time on the way there. I got to the school, changed and checked my set up. My student came on time and we had an okay lesson. His mother was a bit late picking him up. I'm not a big fan of that. I'm not a baby sitter and I don't like having to be one. Sigh. Still, she isn't usually late at least.

My other two classes went well. We had some good discussions in the last class, and in the middle one, we sang a couple of songs. They are very catchy ones so I'll probably be singing away for a bit! F did a strange thing today, he called me right at the start of my second class to tell me he was finished work. I think he'd forgotten that I was working today. Luckily my students were a couple of minutes late, but I don't like it when he does that.

After classes I did paperwork. I had quite a lot to do as I was busy today. I called F back after a while and said I was done. He came to get me and we went to New York, New York for a fast dinner.

At home we had a quiet evening, we basically just watched ER. F went to bed after a bit of Bewitched and I'm still up blogging.

Tomorrow I'm off work and am trying to decide what to do with myself. I really should run a few errands, but am not sure if I will. Wish me luck eh? Night!

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