June 10, 2010

Thursday - Sunny but not too hot.

A good day. This morning was a little unusual in that F was home for a bit longer in the morning. He got up and had a lie down on the couch. When I woke up the first time I suggested that he take out the garbage, so he did. Hurray! He came back in and I think we had a snuggle, but I fell asleep again. When I woke up again he had left for his meeting.

I had a quiet morning at home. I showered and checked email, then watched a movie I'd taped last night. It starred Anne Hathaway and Debra Winger and was called Rachel Getting Married. It was one of those movies that I was hoping to like, the kind I am supposed to like, but was slightly bored by. I'm not sure about it. Anne Hathaway was very good in it, but overall, the movie left me a little cold.

F called me around 12 and said his meeting was breaking for lunch. He was hoping to have ramen but apparently ended up having gyudon.

He called me around 2:30 to say that he was finished and was coming home. He came home and after a bit went for a nap. At 3 I made my brunch and watched the first bit of Hello Dolly. I think I'd seen it years ago, but wanted to see it again, especially since it was featured in Wall-E. What I saw of it was fun and I chuckled quite a bit. Michael Crawford for me will always be the strange guy in Love Thy Neighbour rather than the stage Phantom.

I woke F up around 3:45 and he drove me to my school. It was nice for a change, but I really do like riding my bicycle there.

I had two classes today which went really quite well. My first student did quite well on his spelling test and finished up quite a lot of the review that we were set to do. My second student had done her homework and we started making sentences with the new words in them. It's challenging at times.

I called F at 9 and asked him to come and get me. When he did we drove around a little looking for the new movie theater in Tsuruoka. We found it too. It was in an awkward place, but not impossible to get to by bicycle. I can't help wondering when the movies play though. And how to get a schedule. Maybe if I'm feeling super genki tomorrow I'll ride by on my bike. Maybe!

We decided to have dinner in Grado tonight so came home for a few minutes to grab my old newspapers and then went. As usual, F walked in past the specials board. He always does that. I was asking him to stop and help me with the kanji, but he didn't hear me. Argh. Handwritten Japanese with kanji is really tough for me to understand. After we were seated he had to go back out to check the dishes! I ended up having the meat set, and F had the fish set. I would have had that, it was salmon in cheese pastry, but it came with mussels. Mussels and I do not get along (long, bad story!) so I passed.

After dinner we went grocery shopping. I did most of the shopping while F used the washroom. I was rather glad as I made up my own mind rather than deferring to him. He never has an opinion so it's a little sad when I do that.

We came home and rewatched ER and then F went to bed. I'm trying to get to bed a little bit earlier this evening. These 3 am bedtimes aren't really that good for me. Cross your fingers to see if I can do it please!

AND... this is my 994th post on Blogger. I am very close to making it to 1000 posts. Any suggestions what I should do to celebrate? I'd love to hear. Let me know....Night.

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