June 15, 2010

Tuesday - Hot and sunny, rain at night.

A good day. Last night after I posted I was early, so I decided to watch an episode of The Big Bang Theory before bed. I still ended up in bed earlier than usual. Yay for me.

This morning I got hubby to round up the cans to take out for garbage. I do most of the other things, but since someone else produces more metal waste than me, he gets to deal with it! He did, which was great.

When my alarm went off this morning I got up and checked for news. None. I checked email and then did a few other on-line things, but took my shower fairly early. I had a good but quiet morning.

I cooked my brunch around 1 and then left for work just before 2 pm. I made good time and worked on getting my school cooled down right away. (In other words, I turned on my AC!)

My student came on time and we had a great class. She hasn't been able to come for almost 2 months so it was nice to see her. After class, she stayed and chatted a bit, then headed off.

I had a couple of hours free so I had some tea and read the newspapers. I got one of them done, but it was the big Sunday one.

My next student came, but could only stay for 20 minutes. We talked about novels and a possible next textbook for her. She had business in another city so had to leave. Still, I was glad to see her.

The student in the last class had emailed earlier to say she couldn't come to class so I was finished. I did my paperwork, then some lesson checking for the next day of classes. Then, I read my other two newspapers and relaxed a bit before finally calling my husband to come and get me.

We had a nice dinner at New York, New York and then did a little grocery shopping. If F finishes work early enough tomorrow then we'll eat a quick dinner at home and then hopefully go to the new theater in town to see a movie. If not, well, we'll still have dinner at home!

We watched the American Idol repeat and then F went to bed. I've been up for a while blogging, checking the blogs I read and looking for interesting internet radio stations to listen to. I just found one that is dedicated to people who became famous on TV. It's mostly American Idol, but I heard someone from the Australian Idol a few minutes ago. It's rather cool actually. I keep hoping I'll hear someone that I know from season 8! (That's the only season of American Idol I've ever seen.)

Anyway, I am out of here. Have a good night eh?

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