June 22, 2010

Tuesday - Partly cloudy and muggy, stormy at night.

An okay day really. I got up on time this morning. I'm not sure why, or how, but I got up in time to watch the news live. Woot! I stayed up afterwards too. In fact, I ended up watching a dumb Stallone/Stone movie at 10 am so I didn't take my shower until noon. Oh well. Not so bad really.

I had a good afternoon at home. I watched another Big Bang Theory episode and then my usual afternoon stuff. When the time came, I cooked a decent lunch and then went off to work.

I ran a few errands on the way. I did a deposit in a bank machine, then I paid a bill for F at the convenience store. I had offered to do it for him. Then, I stopped off at the drug store near my school for some drinks and supplements for me.

I arrived safely at my school and turned on the AC. I did quite a bit of prep work, including planning a lesson for my student. She hasn't finished the lesson we're on now, but I wanted to be prepared for the next bit.

When my student came we had a good class and finished up the bit I wanted to, plus did a little extra.

After my cleaning up and paperwork, I read the paper and worked on the Sunday puzzle. I'm rather hooked on them. I called F and he was very very sleepy when he talked to me. He said he'd come and get me.

When he arrived we decided to go to Fireball, the little Italian place we go sometimes. We went, and had a great meal. F had chicken, and I had shrimp and veggie pasta. They were both quite nice and we swapped a bit of our main dishes too.

We came home via the grocery store. I'm going to try and make a stirfry tomorrow night. I say try because sometimes it doesn't work out quite the way I'd like it to.

At home, I put on the American Idol repeat again. I know, this is the third time I've seen it, but Adam and Kris are THAT good! F went to bed fairly soon. He's working hard and in this heat is tiring.

A little after he went to bed, we had a huge thunderstorm. It lasted quite a while. In Alberta summer thunderstorms are usual, here, not so much. Ours are usually in winter, which is quite freaky.

Anyway, I'm out of here. Talk to you tomorrow? Gotta go, night!

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