June 29, 2010

Tuesday - Hot and cloudy in the early part of the day, rainy later on.

Generally a good day. I got up a little early this morning...guess after the weekend I was used to getting up before 9am! I got up, checked for news, but didn't find any, then napped on the couch for a bit. I made the bed and then showered after that.

I watched the news at 12 on NHK, and that was about all that I watched this afternoon. I had to leave early to go to my school. I had a nice lunch and then just as I was finishing up the dishes I heard a cell phone ring. I was watching an old movie on NHK2 and was trying to figure out which character's phone was ringing. I finally realized it was MY cell phone. The movie was a bit before cell phones! One of my students cancelled her lesson for today. She was busy.

I cycled over to the school. I took a chance and didn't wear a jacket and got there in one piece and not rained on. Yay. I got ready for my class and waited for the student. She was a little late, but came after a while. We had a good class, but had a hard time getting to the lesson.

I had three hours before my next lesson after her class. I could have gone out, but it started raining soon after class ended. I did some paperwork, some reading and some prepwork.

F called me to say he was finished work and I was surprised to hear from him. Usually he doesn't call me when I'm working, but he'd forgotten that tonight I work. Silly man. Still, it was nice to hear from him.

My last class went quite well and the student left almost on time. I did a bit of clean up, some reading and some more paperwork. I called F and he came for me.

We went to New York, New York for dinner. I had a pork cutlet and F had a parfait. That was all he wanted. He didn't feel like eating much. On the way home we stopped off at the grocery store. We have a package of tortillas that are nearing their expiry date, so tomorrow we're going to make wrapped sandwiches for dinner. We'll have some soup, probably cold, and then the sandwiches. I think it'll be strictly DIY. We got some sprouts, lettuce, cucumber for veggies and I got a couple of kinds of sliced meat plus some of the fake crab stuff. I've never tried it in Japan. Hopefully things will go well. I'll try and do some prep tomorrow for it.

We came home and watched the American Idol season 8 finale AGAIN. Hopefully this'll be the final time. Adam is still great, but so is Kris. Can't believe I've watched it 3 times now. F watched it all too, but midway got in a panic about his laundry. Apparently he didn't have any dry clothes for tomorrow...and we don't have a dryer. Sigh. Hope he'll be okay!

That's it. It was a good day, but very hot and humid. I was lucky I could be inside with my AC at the school. Tomorrow I might resort to using ours at home, but I'll try not to do it. Gotta go. Night.

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