June 6, 2010

Sunday - Hot and sunny. Gorgeous day.

Had a good day today. I overslept a bit, but F was sitting in the living room watching Airplane 2 so didn't seem to mind. We didn't go out for ages.

F surprised me this afternoon by asking me if I'd like to make a reservation for next week in Al Checchino, a locally famous Italian restaurant that you have to make reservations at if you want to eat there. I of course said yes, so we drove out to Kushibiki. We had tea and cake in their coffee shop version and then afterwards made our reservation for next week. I was quite surprised to be honest. He NEVER makes reservations.

We had now had tea and cake, we just hadn't had a meal, so after driving around the area and not finding any places of note, headed back into Tsuruoka and went to Kintaro sushi for a light bite. We didn't really eat that much for a change.

We went home and F had a nap and I played on my computer for a while. I had been contacted by a guy that I went to school with in Scotland and we sent a couple of messages back and forth today. Sometimes Facebook is fun. I know there's all kinds of danger too, but there is danger in crossing the street. Especially in Japan, where drivers are maniacs.

We had dinner tonight at a new place for us. We went to Sultan, an Arabic restaurant. The cook/chef is from Eygpt and spoke English, so we had a three language conversation going on after the other patrons left. Tonight we started with baba ganoush and then had a couple of kinds of shish kebabs with salad, soup and then dessert and coffee. While we were talking afterwards the cook gave us some mint tea. It was good, but a bit strong. I was reminded of my Amelia Peabody stories. She was always drinking mint tea.

We came home afterwards and F proceeded to find a program on TV about Alberta. It made me homesick! They even showed a bit of Edmonton and I knew exactly where they had filmed that bit. Right on the corner of Jasper Ave and 104th street. I sort of wish that F hadn't watched it because I'm not sure if I can go back this year or not and now I really want to go.

Today I wore the new shirt that I bought myself on Wednesday. It was comfortable and I didn't spill anything down the front of it. It has a pattern so it wouldn't be terribly noticable if I did, but hurray for me!

That was my day. It was pretty good. F is back to work tomorrow, but I'm off for another day. I have to decided what to do with myself. Yay. Night.

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