June 7, 2010

Monday - Hot and sunny.

A busy day. I slept in a little, but really not too much. I got up, made the bed, took a shower, normal things.

In the afternoon I did a lot of laundry. I finally got to the bottom of my huge pile and got it all done and hung up. I also vacuumed the apartment which was sorely needed too. All that and I made my own lunch too.

F came home around 7 and wanted to go out for dinner fairly quickly. We both changed and then went to Jiro for a nice dinner. I had my usual pork saute with garlic oil, and F had ginger pork.

We went to the drugstore afterwards and picked up a few things for our apartment.

We came home and had some coffee and a bit of cake. We started watching The Incredible Hulk but at 11 switched to watch Melrose Place. I really didn't care that much about Melrose. I wasn't a fan when it was on before. F decided to cook himself some ramen during the show. He was loud. Very loud. I have no idea why he can make that much noise and just not notice it. Then there was the whole slurping thing. Oh dear God. And he wonders why I don't want to eat noodles. Ick.

I turned of the TV as soon as he went to take his bath. There wasn't much to see by then anyway.

And that's it. My day. It was a bit humdrum, but quiet, which is always good! Night night.


Q. Le said...

Dear Helen,

I'm glad you enjoyed my review. It was definitely a highlight in my movie viewing experience recently, and I felt overtly compelled to write about it afterwards.

After visiting your blog here, I have to say: you have a incredibly fascinating life, though it must be tough to be far away from home (I can relate to this all too well). I'll be sure to read more about your experiences in Japan.

P.S. Does Netflix work in Japan? Because if it does, I definitely recommend getting an account (a free trial even) and stream "Departures" online. It even has subtitles.

Helen said...

I just did a little checking into it and sadly we don't have Netflix here. There is something similar, I'll have my husband look into it. However, I doubt if Japanese movies will have English subtitles!

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Sherry said...

My son loves noodles too. He requested them for his birthday dinner. We had them, but the noise! That is exactly why I refuse to eat at noodle places and rarely cook them. I wont even go to pasta places 'cause there's always some people who think it's perfectly fine to suck those up like a Dyson too

Helen said...

F is a total ramen fiend. It drives me crazy. Every night he would be happy to go to a ramen shop. Personally, I'd rather not. I don't mind the noise in a shop, but in my own apartment when I'm trying to watch something...no thanks!

And, I hate the whole spaghetti thing too. Urgh.