July 1, 2010

Thursday -- Happy Canada Day!

A bit muggy and hot, but no rain as of yet. Whew!

A fairly good day really. I got up early to check the news, but there was another baseball game on. Instead of going back to bed, I fell asleep on the couch. I'm not sure if that's better or worse. Still, I got up an hour later and got on with my day.

I had emailed a student yesterday and she replied today. That meant that I had a little bit of work to do. It didn't take long. Yay! I just ordered a new textbook for her.

I had a quiet day around the apartment. There wasn't much on TV today, so I ended up watching a Rock Hudson/Robert Stack film on NHK. It was quite good. It was about pilots in an airshow.

I started getting ready for work around 3. I made lunch for myself. I had scrambled eggs in a wrap and then some of the fake crab too. It was all very very nice. I washed the dishes and then headed off to work.

I made good time today and got started on the cool down procedures. It was a steamy 30 degrees in my school when I got there. Yuck.

When my student came I offered him a drink. All I had that was suitable for teenagers was oolong tea, so he said he'd have that. I asked if he wanted ice, so he said yes. Now, around about this time he noticed something funny. He was wearing baggy shorts, probably school uniform type and they were on back to front! I told him he could use the washroom to fix them. While he was in there, I got out the ice. I have a box of cubes, plus the tray. Well, I dropped the box of cubes. Luckily I had put the tray up on a shelf for the moment! All the cubes fell on the floor. I scooped up as much as I could and put it in the sink, but there was a fair amount of "snow" and some ice chips I couldn't get. I just left them for the moment. I washed my hands (of course) and gave him some of the ice cubes from the tray and some of the oolong tea! Argh! Our lesson went well, and he might actually be getting it...but I'm not really confident yet. After he left, I picked up the kitchen mat and put it in the bathroom to dry and then cleaned up the puddles of water. Sigh.

I prepped for his next class and then did a little paperwork. I read today's paper and then it was time for the next class.

My student and I had a good class and we finally finished the lesson we've been working on forever. Yay.

A little after 9 I called F and asked him to come and get me. Actually, I really said, " Your favourite Canadian says,"Happy Canada Day!"" He seemed to be amused. He picked me up and we decided to go to Grado. First we ran home to dump off my bike and pick up some of the old newspapers for the restaurant.

We had a nice meal in Grado, but the guys that work there at this time of night aren't really good waiters. The coffee was at best warm and we had to keep asking for more water. Over dinner, F reminded me that he has a party tomorrow night. Groan. I had totally forgotten. I knew about it, but it slipped my mind. It's sort of cool though, because he likely won't be home until quite late so I can have a Me day. Yay.

We came home and watched the repeat of ER. It was the hockey episode and was quite funny. And that was it. I didn't do anything very "Canadian-y" tonight, but it was a nice day nonetheless.

Got to go eh! Night.

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